Light Serpent
Technique Data
English Title Light Serpent
Romaji Raito Sāpento
Katakana ライトサーペント
Alternate Title(s)
Type Vector
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 9
Anime Debut Episode 12
I wonder if you'll be able to dodge this attack like that, though??

Medusa Gorgon, Chapter 17

Light Serpent (ライトサーペント Raito Sāpento in Japanese)[1] is a Magic Lifeform and one of Medusa Gorgon's attacks, in which she uses the snake Magic Lifeforms that are attached to her arms in the form of tattoos.[1][2] She sends one of the snakes shooting forward in order to bite the opponent.

According to Medusa, her Light Serpents, while themselves "incredibly simple magic lifeforms," are not themselves a magic attack but a Magic Lifeform, as they respond not to her magic but automatically to her simple commands, without her having to release Soul Protect and hence without her needing to use additional magic.[3]

Because Light Serpents respond to simple directions but are not as fast as with her Vector Arrows, Medusa tends to use them when she is immobilized or otherwise unable to perform complex magic. For example, to remove the Soul Thread Sutures that Franken Stein used to pin her to a wall, Medusa released Light Serpent.[1]

Medusa will also use a Light Serpent if her opponent is immobilized. For example, when Stein pinned himself and her Vector Plate to the ground with Sutures to prevent the Vector from sending him towards her, Medusa responded by sending the Light Serpent at him. To dodge this attack, Stein removed the Sutures, causing the Vector Plate to propel him out of the snake Magic Lifeform's path.[1]

Medusa can also plant her Magic Lifeforms into an enemy by placing her hand in their mouth, then she only needs to signal them to burst out violently.[2]


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