Light Refraction
Light Bending
Technique Data
English Title
Romaji Kōkussetsu
Katakana 光屈折
Alternate Title(s)
Type Soul Resonance
Derived Magic
Element Light
User(s) Dengu Dinga + Alexandre
Class Defensive/Supportive
Real World Data
Manga Debut 91
Anime Debut

Light Bending (光屈折, Kōkussetsu) is a defensive technique used by the death scythe Dengu Dinga to alter the trajectory of incoming beam-like attacks, after having previously assumed his fully transformed state and conducted a Soul Resonance with his respective meister. As its name implies, the ability itself most likely utilises the effects of refraction to deflect the path of an opposing attack, so as to ensure that it fails to connect with its intended target and thus does not inflict damage. The process involved seems to occur with such severity that the rays appear to curve around the affected area, as though the object in question were protected by an invisible barrier/shield immediately in front of it.

When first demonstrated, the technique managed to deflect a total of eight beams launched by the clown Moonlight at a massive airship, whilst Dengu and his meister remained within the ship's interior throughout the assault. However, it failed to defend against an attack that was directed at the ship's rear, suggesting that the area that the ability can protect at a single time, remains rather restricted.[1]


  • This technique was likely inspired by the processes of refraction and dispersion involved in the formation of a rainbow, alluding to the name of Dengu's weapon form.


  1. Soul Eater Chapter 91, pages 14-16

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