Light (光, Hikari)[1] is the genetic trait in which select members of the Hoshi Family, Hoshino Family, and the Star Clan exhibit unique shapes of the pupils and/or inside the pupil.[2]


Light is a renown trait of those within the Star Clan[3], the Hoshi Family[4], and the Hoshino Family.[5] in which either one or both of the eyes exhibit some sort of star shape within or outside the pupil. This seems to differentiate from family to family. The Hoshi Family, as observed by Akane☆Hoshi, seems to show that the star eyes show up only on one pupil and the star is only formed and shaped halfway.[4] In the case of the Star Clan, the eyes show up inside the pupil as a fully shaped star.[3] Lastly, the Hoshino Family's eyes protrude outside the pupil and is lengthier the 2 latter family's eye trait.[5]



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