A Legendary Blade (伝説の剣, Densetsu no Ken)[1] is a creature who can transform into a powerful sword.[2]

These beings predate the creation of the Demon Weapon and actually served as the inspiration for the aforementioned beings by the true architect of their creation, Eibon.[3]



Not much is known of this particular species. With what is observed from Excalibur, these beings appear as simple, anthropomorphic creatures. Regarding height, these beings aren't much taller than what can be expected of a small child. These beings also feature prominent upturned snouts and small white bodies which display slender limbs and feet akin to those of a rabbit. They also have large, round eyes with completely black irises and pupils. Although they are capable of speech, they appear to lack mouths.[4] Despite their peculiar physical structure, Legendary Blades seem to feel the necessity of wearing clothes, which resemble those of humans.


In the anime, it is shown that Legendary Blades are capable of having sexual intercourse or at least reproducing with humans, though how is completely unknown. This is known when Excalibur once also had a family with a woman in which all his children resembled him. In addition to this, beings like him are capable of growing hair on their head and faces.[5]


Legendary Blades appear to have a lot of magical power, which is utilised by their weapon transformation. They seem to be significantly more powerful than Demon Weapons, judging by the descriptions of Excalibur.[6] Longevity is also possible, as seen with Excalibur being over 800 years old. However, despite their apparent power which rivals that of a Death God,[7] they're not immortal.[5]

List of Legendary BladesEdit



  • Excalibur once claimed he was born old and wise.[8]


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