Episode 36 - Law Abiding Silver Gun Radiant animated
Law-Abiding Silver Gun Radiant



Rō Abaidingu Shirubāgan Reidianto

Derived Ability

Law-Abiding Silver Gun


Justin Law[1]

Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 36

Anime Debut

Episode 35

Law-Abiding Silver Gun Radiant (法を守る銀の銃「放射」, Rō Abaidingu Shirubāgan Reidianto) is a variant of the Law-Abiding Silver Gun used by the Death Scythe, Justin Law.[1]


Executed almost exactly like the original attack, instead without the prior requirements of conducting an initial leap or prayer, this variant produces a more widely dispersed beam while retaining enough force to send an opponent a significant distance in the opposite direction.[1]


  • This technique seems to be a reference to the CAVE shooting game, Radiant Silvergun.
  • This technique is still referred to as "Law-Abiding Silver Gun" in the anime.


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