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Law-Abiding Silver Gun



Rō Abaidingu Shirubāgan


Soul Wavelength


Justin Law

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Manga Debut

Chapter 26

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Episode 27

Law-Abiding Silver Gun (法を守る銀の銃, Rō Abaidingu Shirubāgan) is an attack used by Justin Law.[1]



Prior to utilizing the technique, a prayer is spoken:

"O God who dost abide in the city of death, hear our prayers. Let thy holy name be righteousness. Hear me O Lord...make me a servant of thy holy peace...I shall be a pillar of righteousness...a blade of the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost...LAW-ABIDING SILVER GUN!"

"The scared land occupied by the holy Kishin-sama is the greatest land on the face of the world!! It is a land of holy repose!! It is a land that may not be defiled by pigs or fucking pigs!! It is a place of rest!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I will kill!! I will kill them all! I will kill everyone who threatens thee my holy one!! Death to the dirty Death-Pigs who sneak and snoop and root around with their filthy snouts!!! The pigs!! The pigs!! The filthy fucking pigs!! I am a servant of thy holy peace!! I am thy pillar of righteousness!! I am thy blade of faith. In the name of the fear and Madness — LAW ABIIIBABAABABAABABA"

Note: This translation comes from the Yen Press edition of Soul Eater.


After reciting a prayer in which increases the user's Soul Wavelength as well as the size of their soul, the user aims at the head of the opponent (whether it's by jumping or otherwise), and fires downward a powerful ray of light with intention of decapitation like that of a guillotine. After this technique, it's optional to pray for the fallen warrior.[1][2]



  • The name of this move is a reference to Atsushi Ōkubo's early manga B. Ichi; where one of the main characters, Yohei Nanami, possessed a weapon by the same name.


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