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Larry and Jagi

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Volume 3

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The samurai Larry and the smiling demon Jagi assist two men who think they have ugly faces.

Larry and Jagi is the second short story featuring Larry and Jagi, who were first introduced in Soul Eater GAIDEN 2. This short story first appeared in Volume 3 of the manga Soul Eater.

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  • Samurai sword
  • Mallet


Larry sits on his sofa in the alley, smoking but feeling bored. Jagi simply laughs.

Larry is then interrupted by two men who complain that they are ugly: one feels that his face is too tall, the other feels his is too flat. These men feel they will stay virgins.

Larry agrees to help, as he unsheathes his sword and Jagi holds a mallet. Larry proceeds to slice the two men’s faces, re-arranging the pieces between the two men so that Jagi can hammer those parts together to form two relatively more normal faces. The two men, thinking they are twins, hug each other and walk off, thanking Larry and Jagi. Larry reclines back on the sofa.

One week later, the entire community has people who look just like the two men. Larry concludes, “This has turned into a rather ‘unique’ city, in a way!!” Jagi cackles.


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