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Jinn Galladns's Weapon form
Weapon Form Data
English Title Jinn's weapon form
Alternate Title(s)
User(s) Zubaidah
Human Form Jinn Galland
Classification(s) Death Scythe
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 92
Anime Debut

Jinn's weapon form is the unnamed Oil Lamp transformation of the powerful Death Scythe, Jinn Galland.[1]


Jinn's weapon form takes the appearnce of an ordinary oil lamp with various ornate design patterns within the sides, the size of the oil lamp being small enough to be held by a Meister's hands.[1]


When performing Soul Resonance with a Meister, Jinn emits out of the lamp akin to that of a genie and assumes several forms, like that of The Genie form, The Tower form, and The Lovers, able to use their unique abilities in their forms. The power from the transformation is considerable though is ultimately taxing to the Meister to maintain the resonance.[1][2][3]


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