Template:Character Infobox Kisuke is a young ogre residing in Silent Hill. After his parents were murdered by poachers for their horns, Kisuke took his frustration out against neighboring humans, including the Elderly Farmer who was friends with Kisuke's family. Thanks to intervention from the Elderly Farmer and Shotaro's group, Kisuke was able to gain closure with his father's spirit and apologize to the Elderly Farmer. He is a minor character in B. Ichi.


  • Kisuke's name means "boy ogre": "Ki" means "ogre," "-suke" is the typical ending for a boy's name.[1]
  • The Elderly Farmer's nickname for Kisuke is "Tiny-suke," or "chibisuke," replacing the first part of his name with "chibi" ("tiny, puny, small").[2]


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