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Kishin-Hunt Slash
Image | Animation
Kishin Hunter
Technique Data
English Title Kishin-Hunt Slash
Alternate Title(s) Kishin Hunter (Funimation)
Type Soul Resonance
Derived ability
User(s) Maka Albarn + Soul Evans

Death + Spirit Albarn

Class Melee
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 112
Anime Debut Episode 48

Kishin-Hunt Slash (Kishingari, Funimation Kishin Hunter) is a Soul Resonance technique in the Hunt-Slash series series of scythe resonance attacks. Though it debuted in the anime first, it was shown second before the last chapter of the series.


It is unknown what the attack's capabilities are, but it can be assumed it is effective in killing immortals like Kishin Asura. Asura does mention it as being another move intended to erase evil, similar to Devil-Hunt Slash in that regard, possibly making it a more powerful version of Devil-Hunt Slash.[1]

In the anime, Shinigami was the frst one to use it and managed to use it to completely sever one of his arms. Later, in the last episode, Maka was able to use it to cut into Asura's torso, but it still proved ineffective in killing him, as he shattered the technique and healed his injuries quickly after. Like Devil-Hunt Slash for Maka, the attack carries her Anti-Demon Wavelength though Asura claimed it didn't kill him because he is the embodiment of madness and madness itself is not inherently evil or impure as everyone has it.

In the manga, the Kishin Hunt works slightly differently than in the anime. Maka activates the ability as she attacks Asura with Soul in his new scythe form after they control the black blood. It allows her to enter the Kishin and find Crona. As she exits Asura she completes the Kishin Hunt attack, attacking Asura as she leaves and fatally injuring him. This makes him bleed and allows Crona to use the Mad Blood ability to seal him once and for all.



  • This attack's form was included in Terraria as a special reference, but was removed most likely because of Copyright issues.[2]


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