Kishin Egg
Kishin Egg
Name Kishin Egg
Alternate Names Afreet Egg
Anime Debut Episode 1

A Kishin Egg (known as a Afreet Egg in the Funimation Sub) is a soul in which an individual leaves the path of a human and runs the risk of becoming a Kishin.[1] The Kishin Egg concept only appears within the Soul Eater anime and the non-canonical game, Monotone Princess.


Individuals who become Kishin eggs enter the first stage of becoming a Kishin.[1] Due to their crimes, their souls becomes corrupt. The Soul appears to be a dark hue red, the tail appearing to be a much more light and brighter red color. The middle of the soul is purple and surrounded by hexagonal plates.[1] However, undergoing through the process makes one lose their sanity and even humanity.[2]


Asura's soul going into the Death Room

Asura's soul being buried in the Death Room.

While it was said that only demon weapons can consume souls such as Kishin eggs,[3] it seems that any individual in the Soul Eater anime and the non-canon videogame, Monotone Princess, able to eat souls and transform into a Kishin eggs. Demon Weapons wishing to become a Death Scythe must eat 99 Kishin eggs along with one witch soul in order to become one.[1] However, Kishin souls that are not consumed are seen buried into the Death Room.[4]


Main article: Shinigami's List

In the manga, the concept of the Kishin egg is replaced by Shinigami's list. Unlike that of an Kishin egg in the anime, an evil human's soul and a pure human soul is indistinguishable and only the Shinigami, Death, is able to tell which soul is truly evil and pure. In addition, only those who're human to an extent are included on the list.

List of individual with Kishin Eggs


Shaula Gorgon - (18)

Shaula's soul

  • In the Soul Eater NOT! anime, Shaula's soul is seen to look much like that of a Kishin egg. It should be noted, however, that the Soul Eater NOT! anime follows its source detail much closer with details change and a deviation towards the end, therefore, the concept does not exist. The animes are not consistent with each other.
  • One of the various inconsistencies in Soul Eater anime is that though the Kishin eggs individuals are normally human, Asura's soul is seen as a Kishin Soul within the end credits being buried, despite him being a Shinigami. Mosquito's soul is also shown to be a Kishin egg, despite the latter being identified a Bloodsucker.[5]


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