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Episode 48 - Death and Spirit execute Kishin Hunter
Technique Data
English Title Kishin-Hunt
Alternate Title(s) Kishin Hunter
Kishin-Hunt Slash
Type Soul Resonance
Derived ability
User(s) Maka Albarn + Soul Evans[1]

Death + Spirit Albarn[2]

Class Melee
Real World Data
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 48

The Kishin-Hunt (kishingari), also called the Kishin Hunter, is one of the three Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister. It is seemingly the most powerful of all the three.[2]


After achieving Soul Resonance, the Scythe Weapon's blade changes into a shape. Its appearance and shape varies on the user. In addition, the move's nature seems to change based on the individual.[2]

Death God UserEdit

When used by Death wielding Death Scythe, the Kishin-Hunt is a powerful move; although its nature is unknown, it's assumed to be potent enough to kill beings as powerful as Asura, as it was able to completely destory his right arm when it connected...


Anti-Demon Wavelength CarrierEdit

When used by Maka Albarn wielding the Demon Scythe, the move functioned much like a more powerful Demon-Hunt technique, carrying the user's Anti-Demon Wavelength and eradicating all evil and impurities within an individual. However, it will not work on an individual who isn't truly evil.[1]


  • This attack's form was included in Terraria as a special reference, but was removed most likely because of Copyright issues.[3]


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