Kishin Hunt (鬼神狩り, Kishingari; FUNimation "Kishin Hunter") is a scythe-related technique. Debuting both in the anime and manga, each version is different from one another.

In the manga, it is a technique used by Maka Albarn and Soul Eater with the Black Blood.[1] In the anime, this version of the technique is the final of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister and the most powerful technique out of all the related techniques.[2]


Soul Eater Chapter 112 - Maka defeats Asura

Maka "completing" the Kishin-Hunt technique.

Kishin-Hunt appears as an attack in which combines the Black Blood and the usage of the Demon Scythe's enhanced form. By playing the keyboard to manipulate the Meister's wavelength and Black Blood, the attack itself is executed in a stab from the blade and allows one to enter another individual who possess Black Blood and a esoteric nature that allows for a world within them (ex. Asura).[3]

The attack can also, similarly, be used to exit out of the aforementioned world and even executed with a Teamwise Soul Resonance to increase the chances of escape the individual's Black Blood world. Doing so, according to Maka, "completes the attack".[4]



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