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Please note that this is the Soul Eater Wiki's article on Kishin, if you are looking for the article on the first Kishin Asura then you should head to Asura.

Kishin (鬼神, kishin; Literally meaning "Demon God") are beings created as the final result of consuming an unimaginable amount of pure Souls. Any individual who achieves the status of Kishin has the power of a god, and becomes an equal to Shinigami himself. This individual will also excrete a Madness Wavelength of such high density that it can encompass the entire world, driving those who fall to it to utter insanity.


Asura face

The Face of the first kishin, Asura

The first and only kishin created so far, Asura, was ironically part of the group which was led by Shinigami himself to rid the world of corrupted souls, the Eight Powerful Warriors and is the first son of Shinigami himself. Out of fear, Asura ate pure human souls that were not part of Shinigami's list. Asura became so fearful, that he would soon eat his own weapon partner, Vajra. Asura was eventually stopped by Shinigami and had his entire skin removed, his blood drained and used the same skin as a sack for his body. As a result of this, Shinigami rooted his soul to Death City to keep Asura sealed and founded Shibusen to prevent the creation of any new Kishin. It was thought that Crona was going to become a kishin, as it was stated by Medusa, but that realization never came true.

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  • The symbol of Kishins are represented through three vertical eyes.
  • Considering no other Kishin has ever been created, it is likely only a fragment of death or a personification of madness can become a true Kishin, with the idea that anything else can become a Kishin being a common theory. With that said, it is left unclear what actually makes Kishin and Shinigami different.

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