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Kishin Concept

Kishins are generally thought to be powerful beings that exhaust an incredible amount of madness.

A Kishin (鬼神, kishin; Literally meaning "Demon God"), also known as an Afreet in Funimation Sub, are beings created as the final result of consuming an unimaginable amount of pure souls.


The process of becoming a kishin seems to revolve around the over-hunting and consumption of pure human souls. Only Demon Weapons, however, can consume souls,[1] requiring meisters to find a way in harnessing the Demon Weapon's capability as their own. Those who undergo this process lose their sanity in their progress.[sourcing needed]

It's also very well possible that depending on a person's traits and characteristics, those who become a Kishin embody their own type of madness. This is supposedly how the Madness of Boobs came into existence, despite the ridiculousness of such a madness existing.


Birth of the first generation Kishin


Asura skinned by Death.

The first and kishin created so far, Asura, was ironically part of the group which was led by Shinigami himself to rid the world of corrupted souls, the The Eight Warlords and is the first son of Shinigami himself.

Out of fear, Asura ate pure human souls that were not part of Shinigami's list. Asura became so fearful, that he would soon eat his own weapon partner, Vajra. Asura was eventually stopped by Shinigami and had the entirety of his skin removed, his blood drained and had the same skin used as a sack for his body. As a result of this, Shinigami rooted his soul to Death City to keep Asura sealed and founded Shibusen to prevent the creation of any new Kishin.

A new Kishin's sacrifice

In the manga and during the Battle on the Moon, Crona used the Book of Eibon and BREW to gain enough power to seal Asura on the moon. They sported a third eye as they were gaining power, which may hint that Crona can either be considered a Kishin or has power equivalent to one.[2]

List of Kishins


  • Ironically, while it is possible for Demon Weapons to consume souls to gain the status of a Kishin, only 2 characters have successfully became a Kishin in the series and it was due to the use of a Demon Weapons and were also meisters.


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