Prone to self-doubt due to her tenuous relationship with other witches, and her fear of prejudice for being a witch within the DWMA, Kim tends to initially distrust others. With time, however, Kim is able to recognize the concern her friends and teachers have for her, because they care about her, not whether she is a witch. After beginning her partnership with Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré, her friendship with Tsugumi Harudori, and recognizing the concern and devotion of Ox Ford, Kim becomes a devoted teammate and member of Spartoi, especially when working with her teammates on Kilik Rung's team.

Significant or relationshipsEdit

Jacqueline O. Lantern DupréEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 44 - Kim and Jackie

Jacqueline pledges her loyalty to the witch Kim

Before they were partners, Kim and Jacqueline were co-occupants of the DWMA's girls' dormitory. Despite living in the same building, Jacqueline's adherence to rules, strict behavior, and apparent coldness led her have disagreements with a rule-breaker and manipulative bully like Kim. Initially, Kim was irritated by Jacqueline, considering her to be far too strict about following rules and compromising her ability to make a profit by deceiving others. She referred to her as "a hardass," "no fun," and a "hardnose."[1] As a meister, Kim seemed to have little interest initially in joining Jacqueline as a weapon partner, claiming it would "suck to be whoever gets partnered up with [her]."[2]

Yet Jacqueline slowly realized she had a concern for Kim, recognizing her as someone who is rude and manipulative of others due to a fear of trusting others. At the same time, Jacqueline noticed her attraction to Kim, noticing Kim's physical appearance and finding her manipulative personality to be shameless but surprisingly appealing. In the anime[3] Jacqueline's interest in Kim led her to accept assistance from Tsugumi Harudori and other dormitory occupants to learn more about the mysterious Kim.

Initially, Jacqueline was nervous about approaching Kim as a weapon partner, alternatively strict, annoyed, embarrassed, and sad at Kim's hostility or dismissiveness towards her, blushing, pouting, or crying.[4][5] With some advice received from Tsugumi and Eternal Feather, she tried different approaches to appeal to Kim, such as demonstrating her usefulness as a demon lantern weapon,[4] suggesting going out for ice cream,[6] preparing a meal, demonstrating skin and hair care, and learning more about Kim from her classmates and event from DWMA confidential records.

Upon witnessing Kim use Regenerative Magic on an injured stray dog, Jacqueline learned not only that Kim was a witch but that she was even kinder than she realized. Kim was afraid that a strict adherent to rules like Jacqueline would report her identity as a witch to the DWMA, prompting her to again isolate herself and leave a community in which she had formed a home. But seeing Kim's kindness as well as vulnerability, Jacqueline promised not to reveal her secret. As Kim was too proud to accept such a promise, Jacqueline playfully appealed to Kim's interest in money, saying she would accept a bribe of ice cream in exchange for her silence.

While Kim and Jacqueline tentatively pursued a partnership as meister and weapon, both parties faced difficulties moving forward. While Jacqueline continued to feel doubt about her romantic feelings for Kim, Kim struggled to get close to another person, especially someone who knew such a dangerous secret like her witch identity. Despite attempting to break her partnership with Jacqueline, Kim was ambivalent, eventually reconciling with Jacqueline, who learned to accept Kim's manipulativeness and find strategies to make Kim more devoted to her. In time, the two learned to cooperate with each other, such as when they broke dormitory and DWMA rules to assist Tsugumi Harudori's escape from the girls' dormitory to retrieve Anya Hepburn and rescue Meme Tatane.

During the attack by Shaula Gorgon's possessed students on the girls' dormitory, Kim wielded Jacqueline in combat. While the two faced difficulty in their battle, they demonstrated effective cooperation, especially for having been partners for such a short time.

Before and early on in their partnership, Jacqueline would refer to Kim as slow and irresponsible with some of her work, claiming her own presence ensured that Kim's work would be more efficient and actually get done.[7] Kim appeared surprised, even nervous, at how serious Jacqueline could be, although at other times she simply mocked her seriousness and claimed she was still in charge of herself and her own work.[7]

After fighting Shaula's students, Jacqueline continued to exhibit extreme loyalty towards Kim, as she seen when Jacqueline attacked DWMA agents who attempted to bring in Kim for interrogation about her witch identity, when she ran away with Kim and joined Arachnophobia in hopes of acceptance, and when, even brainwashed, she fought to protect Kim from Ox Ford and Harvar D. Éclair. It should be noted, however, that under the effects of the Moral Manipulation Machine, Jacqueline was more sarcastic and seemingly unconcerned about the fact that Harvar fatally stabbed Kim, although this odd behavior likely owes not only to the effects of the Machine but her knowledge of Kim's healing abilities.

It should also be noted that both Jacqueline and Kim wear the same clothing, even after joining Spartoi. Jacqueline copies Kim's look as a sign of her devotion.

Ox FordEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 51 - Ox knocks down the Pillars

Ox demonstrates his undying love for Kim by giving up his haircut for her

Some time after Kim enrolled in the Academy, she became the object of Ox's affections, even after she cut her hair short and began bullying other students to avoid getting close to others and being found to be a witch. Despite Ox's claims that he was improving himself in body, mind, and soul through his intense workout, studies, and meister training all to impress Kim, she consistently refused him on the excuse that he lacked money and had a creepy haircut.

This is not to say that Kim is not impressed by how concerned Ox is for her. Kim was both ashamed and impressed at Ox's concern for her despite how awful she was to so many people around her, as when Ox worked extra hours for Death Shipping to pay back Tsugumi who lost her allowance to Kim. When she escaped the DWMA when Medusa outed her as a witch, Kim felt concern about how Ox would hate her for being a witch. However, that was far from the truth, as Ox had always considered to be his "angel."[8]

Kim finally experiences a change of heart when Ox was willing to accept her despite her being a witch. During the attack on Baba Yaga Castle, Ox with his weapon Harvar D. Éclair defied Medusa's order and followed Ox's Soul Perception towards the location of Kim. Even as Kim, brainwashed by the Moral Manipulation Machine, repeatedly tried to kill him, it was Ox who noticed that, despite claims how happy she was in Arachnophobia, she was crying over her pain at being separated from friends and teachers at the DWMA. When Kim said that people cannot change, as people would continue to hate her for being a witch just as Ox would never give up that haircut that so long creeped her out, Ox proved her wrong by tearing his hair away, and asking that, if she could not find a home with witches, the DWMA, or Arachnophobia, then couldn't she consider him her home? Ox's devotion successfully undid the effects of the Moral Manipulation Machine. Kim repaid Ox's devotion by reattaching his hair with her Regeneration Magic.[9]

After Kim's return to the DWMA, she tentatively began dating Ox, starting to reciprocate his feelings. Regarding her relationship with Ox, when Kid stormed into the DWMA girls' shower while Kim and Jacqueline were naked, Kim said that she had not "even shown Ox anything yet."[10] Kim's interest in Ox continued with concern for his hairstyle, which he changed for her by growing out his hair, until he shaved it again before the battle on the Moon, infuriating her.[11]

After the Kishin's defeat, Ox and Kim joined their classmates and teachers at the ceremony celebrating Kid's ascension as the next Shinigami. Ox offered to assist Kim in her new role as the DWMA's ambassador to the witch community, then asked her to dance. Although embarrassed, Kim agreed to just one dance.[12]

Death the KidEdit

Kim And Kid

Kim, embarrassed by Kid's misinterpretation of him seeing her naked

During Kid's speech in order to convince the witches to help, he humorously states that him and Kim are in a "physical relationship". Kim responds by blushing and angrily stating that what he said about her was completely "unnecessary" and says, "It was only that one time." This, however, could just be referring to when Kid walked unexpectedly into the Girls' Washroom and saw her naked.[10]

While it seems Kid exaggerated on their actual relationship with each other.


Kilik's TeamEdit


This section of the article is incomplete and requires more information before it can be considered complete.

Kilik RungEdit

Fire and ThunderEdit

Harvar D. ÉclairEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 93 - Harvar and Kim argue

Kim argues with Harvar over Crona

Harvar understands Ox's feelings for Kim, and thus sees her as a friend and colleague, although their relationship is strained upon learning of her identity as a witch, by her defection to Arachnophobia, by her attempt to kill Ox when brainwashed by the Morality Manipulation Machine, and by her disagreement with him regarding Death's orders to assassinate Crona. For her part, Kim regards Harvar as a bit of a "hard-ass."

Upon learning that Kim is a witch, Harvar's hatred for witches leads him to treat Kim as no more than an enemy. Even as he accompanies Ox to retrieve Kim and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré from Baba Yaga Castle and back to Shibusen, upon witnessing Kim and Jacqueline almost kill Ox in combat, Harvar does not even think that the two are brainwashed, arguing that Kim must have been deceiving Ox from the very start, as he expects a witch would. For her part, Kim was so affected by the Morality Manipulation Machine that her viciousness in combat against Harvar and Ox is not representative of her actual regard for either student.

Despite Harvar's willingness to kill Kim in combat at Baba Yaga Castle, stabbing her with his spear, after Kim is freed from her mind control and accepted back into Shibusen, Harvar accepts her as well, which implies that their friendship is more or less re-established between the two.

Despite being colleagues in Spartoi who share missions, Kim and Harvar, like almost any teammates, do disagree strongly with each other on important points. For example, Kim is one of the members of Spartoi to question Death's orders to assassinate Crona. While Kim sympathizes with Crona as she herself feels the same fear that one day Shibusen will order her capture, or worse, because she is a witch, Harvar reasons that Death's orders are infallible. Therefore, Kim does consider Harvar to be a "hard-ass" and attempts to convince Harvar's meister, Ox, to side with her, pointing out that she as a witch is also under threat of capture by Shibusen.[13]

Maka AlbarnEdit

Even though they are not shown interacting much in the series, they are still good friends. This is shown after the witches mass/clown mission; Kim goes straight over to Maka (completely ignoring Ox in the process), giving her a high-five and asking her how she was doing.

Angela LeonEdit

Angela was adopted by Shibusen after the death of Mifune. Due to the constant threat that Angela will be consumed by the sway of magic as she grows older, Kim proposed that she will periodically expose her magic to Angela with the hopes that it will suppress Angela's destructive instincts.

Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme TataneEdit

Initially, Kim is not above manipulating Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya for her personal gain, whether pressuring Tsugumi to giving her almost all of her allowance as payment for saving her from Misery,[14] deceiving the trio as her "slaves," "followers," and "suckers" to do most of the work cleaning the Death City pool while she keeps 90 percent of their payment and intends to do little of the actual work,[15] or conning them into payment for inadvertently borrowing her rental baseball equipment.

Even when she is trying to deceive the trio, Kim still derives enjoyment from her time with them, even if it is at their expense. She grins and laughs at dosing Tsugumi and Meme with a water hose while they are cleaning the Death City pool, which seems to be all in fun based on Tsugumi and Meme's participation in the sport.[16]

Tsugumi HarudoriEdit

Kim meets Tsugumi when she is about to be attacked by Misery. Upon doing this, she takes all of Tsugumi's money but loosens up after hanging out with Tsugumi a little more.

Anya HepburnEdit

Kim helps Anya after she is attacked by a traitor by secretly using her healing magic. Anya doesn't think much of Kim.

Meme TataneEdit

Meme has respect for Kim as a superior and a friend but it is quite possible Meme always forgets about Kim due to her spacey personality. Kim doesn't seem to mind this.

Black☆Star Edit

Kim is both largely annoyed with Black☆Star's rude ungratefulness for her help, and impressed at his power. Yet as her classmate and a fellow member of Spartoi, Kim will help Black☆Star in battle and to survive. For example, after Black☆Star received a deep scar from her battle to the death against Mifune, Kim went out of her way to make frequent visits to the bedridden Black☆Star to make repeated attempts healing the scar. Despite repeated applications of her magic, the scar would not heal, prompting Black☆Star to mock Kim as a pathetic healer, earning him Kim's indignation and a demand for money.

But almost immediately after his insult, Black☆Star explained that he refused to forget what he learned from his battle with Mifune, so he did not want to lose this scar. Black☆Star's comments, physical strength, and admittedly more mature appearance physically caused Kim, Jacqueline, and all other female students nearby to blush, suggesting Kim's attraction to Black☆Star. How far Kim's attraction to him goes is not clear, especially as after this moment Black☆Star almost immediately embarrassed himself in his fight against Patty Thompson, getting kicked in the testicles. Kim expressed considerable disgust when Black☆Star then asked that she heal his injured manhood.




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