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"It's not like I was born a witch because I wanted to be one. I hated the world of the witches and ran away. I thought that If I was at DWMA, I could cut my ties to being a witch. I even cut my prized hair, dressed like a boy, and avoided others."

— Kim to Jacqueline.[1]
Kimial Diehl
Post-Timeskip | Pre-Timeskip | NOT!
Kim Diehl (Post-Timeskip) Profile
Kim as she appears in Soul Eater.
Name Kimial Diehl
Alias(es) Kim Diehl (ディールキム, DīruKimu)
Witch of the Girls' Dorm
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Age 16 (NOT!)[2]
17 (Pre-Timeskip)
18 (Post-Timeskip)
Race/Species Witch Soul Witch
Type of Soul
Magic Theme Tanuki
Classification Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Meister2 Meister
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Academy Student
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 DWMA
Place of Origin Witch's Realm
Residence Death City, Girls' Dormitory
Team/Group Spartoi
Weapon Partner(s) Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Japanese: Chiwa Saito.
English: Caitlin Glass (first anime)
Italian: Celine Melloul
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 32.5
NOT!: Chapter 1 (cameo) / Chapter 2 (first appearance)
Anime Debut(s) Episode 4 (cameo) / Episode 31
Episode 2 (NOT!)
Game Debut(s)

Kim Diehl (キム・ディール, Kimu Dīru), is the tanuki Witch[3] and Lantern Meister partnered with the Demon LampJacqueline O. Lantern Dupré. Because she lacks destructive power and possesses regeneration powers, she was exiled from the witch community and joined DWMA, eventually becoming an EAT student and a member of Spartoi. Her full name is later revealed to be Kimial Diehl (キミアール・ディール, Kimiāru Dīru).[4]


Facing exclusion from the community from the Witches' Realm and hating it, Kim left the realm and later enroll into the DWMA secretly to get away from them, going so far as to even change her outward appearance and personality to keep other's away from her as a method of preventing to arouse suspicion.[5]


Kim is the object of Ox Ford's affections, but she had constantly turned him down, chiefly because he was not rich, seemed creepy, and had an eccentric hairstyle. While she is still troubled by some of Ox's eccentricities, even before she was identified as a witch, Kim did appreciate Ox's devotion to her, and she felt shame how he would respond upon learning she was a witch.

Because of her past experiences being hated by her fellow witches for her regenerative powers, and her fear of rejection by her DWMA classmates should she be identified as a witch, Kim has come to depend on money, as she thinks it does not discriminate between its handlers. Consequently, when she is performing some sort of service for free, such as protecting and healing students such as Tsugumi Harudori or Black☆Star, or warming her classmates with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré's lantern form, Kim tends to remark that she should be getting paid.

This fear of rejection also makes Kim self-conscious, due to feeling excluded from other witches and fears that the DWMA would learn of her witch identity. Even after Kim's identity as a witch was revealed, she still felt doubts about being accepted. For example, although Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré was the first person in Death City to learn that she was a witch and reacted with compassion, Kim was immediately afraid Jacqueline still would reveal her identity, requiring time—and an ice cream date—to initially trust the weapon. Even upon exploring a partnership a meister to the weapon Jacqueline, Kim attempted to break off the partnership, much to Jacqueline's consternation. Yet Kim was ambivalent towards Jacqueline, her self-doubt but also her desire to be closer to Jacqueline causing Kim to alternate between being close and distant to the weapon. As well, after Medusa informed Death that Kim was a witch, Kim's fears for her life and self-doubt led her to distrust the Academy, regardless how much she loved her friends and teachers and her own desire to return. Even after her return to the DWMA, Kim expressed concern that, like Crona being hunted, she could be, too, for her supposed transgressions.

Due to this self-doubt, Kim can be persuaded by peer pressure, such as when her desperation to escape the DWMA led her to join Arachnophobia.

Kim's self-doubt also leads her to be an antagonistic initially to many people, although with time she learns more about these persons and can trust them. Such self-doubt not only slowed progress on her partnership with Jacqueline but may have influenced her behavior to bully classmates, to respond negatively to Ox Ford, and to be hostile to new DWMA students such as Tsugumi Harudori.

Hence, both Kim's fear of rejection and her antagonism can lead her to manipulate and take advantage of other people, treating others as a means to an end. For example, she will order Hero around to buy her food,.[6] As such, Kim tends to strategize how she can acquire money from others through trickery or bullying: she forged a signature on paperwork she submitted to the DWMA to give Mai Thi Hoàng the stage name "Eternal Feather," then charged Mai a service fee for this work; she demanded payment from Tsugumi Harudori after saying her from injury by the girls' dormitory resident assistant Misery; and she left baseball equipment at least twice in the girls' dormitory backyard so that, should anyone even touch it, she could demand payment for equipment rental. Hence early in their partnership Jacqueline thought of Kim as "shamelessly manipulative."[7] Kim's manipulation of other students earned her the initially unintentionally accurate nickname, "the Witch of the Girls' Dorm."

Therefore, Kim can be easily influenced by her desire for immediate satisfaction, most notably her greed for money. This desire for money owes to Kim's difficulty trusting other people, in part due to her fear of rejection from witches due to her healing magic and from the DWMA due to her identity as a witch. However, Kim also seems to allow her desire for money get the better of her, such as opportunities to strengthen friendships to make her lonely life more tolerable.

Kim's impatience for immediate satisfaction extends to other aspects of her life; as such, she has a temper for justifiable reasons, such as Death the Kid intruding on her in the shower, and perhaps for less reasonable excuses. When her sleep is interrupted by noise in a neighboring dorm room, Kim prefers to go into the room and eliminate the noise herself, even if that means knocking out the resident assistant herself.


Main article: Kim Diehl/Relationships

Prone to self-doubt due to her tenuous relationship with other witches, and her fear of prejudice for being a witch within the DWMA, Kim tends to initially distrust others. With time, however, Kim is able to recognize the concern her friends and teachers have for her, because they care about her, not whether she is a witch. After beginning her partnership with Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré, her friendship with Tsugumi Harudori, and recognizing the concern and devotion of Ox Ford, Kim becomes a devoted teammate and member of Spartoi, especially when working with her frequent partners Ox and Kilik Rung.


Kim Diehl Render

Kim's appearance in NOT! Anime.

Kim is admired by many of her classmates for appearing cute. She has green eyes and short, pink hair.

In Soul Eater NOT! Kim wears a sports jacket, mini-skirt, sneakers, and thigh-length socks. Under her sports jacket, she wears a white T-shirt with a tanuki insignia on the left.[8]

In the original manga and the original anime, Kim has the appearance of a classic schoolgirl, wearing a typical sailor fuku school uniform, which is altered throughout the series to reflect the DWMA's current version.

Before joining Spartoi, Kim wears a short, green, and pleated skirt, a lighter-green sweater, and a green sailor fuku collar tied like a necktie, with a Shinigami-esque skull pinned on its left. Kim also wears thigh high black socks. 

After joining Spartoi, Kim retained her schoolgirl outfit and still wears the same outfit as her partner: a white blouse with stitches where the buttons should be, attached with a blue, sailor-style collar that is tied in a knot instead of a tie. She has a short, blue, pleated skirt and thigh high white socks and shoes. She wears an opened long, white, trench coat with the belts left hanging.

When wielding Jacqueline, Kim wears a skull-embroidered glove so to handle the heat from her partner's lantern form.

Kim occasionally adorns a more Witch-like outfit, wearing a robe and hat that matches her Tanuki theme. Her scarf also has a fluffy tail on it, much like a Tanuki tail.

Magic and Abilities


See also: Regeneration Magic

Being a witch, Kim is skilled in magic, particularly Regeneration Magic. Kim's spells specialize in regeneration and healing. The first of these spells she displayed after receiving an attack by Harvar, completely healing the injuries she suffered. Due to her magic being of regeneration, she's one of the only witches in the series whom the Pull of Magic does not affect.

Although the Pull of Magic does not affect Kim, she still retains the ability to perform multiple spells and practices of witches. Therefore, she is able to transform into her familiar, a tanuki.

Based on details about witches, Kim's identity as a witch may give her longevity and a more youthful appearance, even though she is only 16 years old, far younger than many witches.[9]

Martial Way Expert

  • Patty and Kim spar
  • Kim is a closeted illustrator
  • Kim's illustration of Moses

In addition to being incredibly skilled in magic, Kim is also very competent meister and combatant. During the Battle at Lost Island, Kim showed mastery of Jacqueline's weapon form, which allowed her to fight and produce powerful flame attacks.

Kim is also has considerable skill in hand-to-hand combat, even as she admits that she is not as capable as Patty Thompson.[10]

Other Skills

Kim is an excellent con artist, using her imposing nature and sneaky methods to extort money from the likes of Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme. She even forged a signature on paperwork she then submitted to give Mai Thi Hoàng the stage name "Eternal Feather."

In addition to being skilled at making forgeries, Kim enjoys illustrating, similar to Soul Evans's hobby of doodling the Spartoi logo. A creative writer and illustrator, Kim wrote and drew her own story about a gluttonous sheep named Moses. When Tsugumi Harudori noticed Kim's work, however, Kim was embarrassed and attempted to hide her interest in such a hobby, or her work on such an adorable story.


Witch Magic

  • Soul Protect: The spell surrounds a witch's soul, making their wavelength completely disappear. Kim's soul therefore is camouflaged as a normal, human soul, although upon use of magic can be lost.
  • Regeneration Magic: Kim can heal injuries to herself and other people. While this magic is able to heal fatal injuries to herself, and even re-attach hair pulled out of the body, the success of the magic is limited depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Animal Transformation: Kim can transform into her familiar, the tanuki, potentially useful to shrink in size, yet as such as comparatively rare animal (and due to Girls' Dormitory rules barring pets) not as useful for espionage.
Soul Resonance with Jacqueline
  • Change "Pixie": Change "Pixie" is a technique in which Jacqueline's weapon form changes. Turning the lamp horizontal in its new form, it resembles a broomstick, a traditional form of transportation used by Witches, and Kim rides it in the style of a broomstick as well. The lamp at the end acts as a rocket, its flames propelling Jacqueline forward and up into the air. Jacqueline can heighten the intensity of the flames in her Weapon form, increasing her speed. Flames are often seen flaring out of the vents in the lamp during flight.
  • Volantern: An attack using Jacqueline who firstly preforms a small explosion in the air, resulting in propelling her lantern form rapidly towards the enemy, before performing a much larger secondary explosion upon making contact with the opponent. The second explosion carries a significant amount of destructive concussive force, with the potential of igniting the target if they survive the initial blast.


Moving In!

Kim takes Tsugumi's allowance money

Kim takes Tsugumi's allowance money.

Kim Diehl is a NOT student[11] living in the Death Weapon Meister Academy girls' dormitory, her room next door to that of Anya, Meme, and Tsugumi. On Tsugumi's first night sleeping in the dormitory, she is attacked by the dormitory's superintendent, Misery. Annoyed by the noise, Kim enters and disables Misery, dragging her unconscious body out of Tsugumi's room and telling Tsugumi that as a DWMA student she must get used to living with a "psycho for a superintendent."

The next morning, Tsugumi runs into Kim in the dormitory's hallway, thanking her for last night's rescue. Kim therefore demands money from Tsugumi for this rescue, taking almost all of Tsugumi's weekly allowance.[12]

$$$! Money, Money, Money!

Kim Diehl watches Ox give money to Tsugumi

Kim watches Ox return money to Tsugumi.

Kim is later seen talking to Ox Ford when she was the prime subject of the conversation between the girls and Eternal Feather, who reveals that she is the reason she has an embarrassing name. She later then reveals that Ox is one of the few males in the school who still flirts with her. In return of the flirtation, he is prompt punched.[13]

Later at the end of the week, She witnessed Ox give money to Tsugumi, who was extorted out of her weekly allowance by Kim earlier that week. She then calls him a "dummy", wondering why he's so nice to her.[13]

Traitor Arc

Shinigami Enraged He hasn't reached full strength yet, but I don't have my Death Scythes.

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Battle Festival

Shinigami Enraged He hasn't reached full strength yet, but I don't have my Death Scythes.

There's something missing here. This section of the article is incomplete and requires more information before it can be considered complete.

At some point since their initial partnership, Kim entered into the EAT and officially became Jacqueline's meister.

Duel Arts

Kim is seen with Ox and Kirikou as Maka runs past them, crying.

'Brew' Tempest

Kim and her partner, along with the other DWMA students, were sent on a mission to retrieve 'Brew' before Arachnophobia could. Stein tells her to use Jacqueline to send out a signal for the DWMA to retreat if he and Marie do not return within 20 minutes. Kim is next with the group using Jacqueline to act as a heater. She fusses and states she should be charging people for it. When they are ambushed by opposing forces she stays with Ox and Kirikou to fight off the enemies and Golems present at the center of the island.

When the 20 minutes nears its end, she uses Jackie to fly above and form the signal for retreat. Sid catches view of the signal and retreats. As he emerges, Kim and Jackie informs him of Stein and Marie not returning and that Ox and Kirikou are still in battle.

The Clown

Kim and Jackie are at a Witch Massing. Kim, dressed as a raccoon comments that her double life is hard. Jackie tells her to hang in there, and that she will be with her. Kim puffs, and states they have to go and make some money soon.


Kim and Jackie are alone somewhere. Kim worries that, if the witch assembly discover she has infiltrated the DWMA, after such an act had been strictly prohibited, she would be excommunicated. Furthermore, if the DWMA discovers she is a witch, she will surely be alone. Jackie assures her that she will never be alone. Kim apologizes to Jackie for getting her caught up in her troubles. Jackie reminds her that they are DWMA students—they would never abandon their friends. After the talk, they head back to the DWMA.

When she reaches the DWMA, Ox notices and greets her, but she lands right past him. Ox tells her that Sid and Nygus were awaiting them in Shinigami's base. Nygus appears and asks Kim and Jackie to come with her. An officer grabs hold of Jackie, and she responds by materializing her arm into lantern form and burns the official. Kim calls for Jackie and they fly off. Kim looks back with tears in her eyes.

They land in an area surrounded by trees and begins to worry of her dim situation. She thinks what the other students could be saying about her. She falls into Jackie's arms and wishes to go back. A spider soon comes down and is followed by a luxury limousine. The window rolls down to reveal Mosquito. He tells Kim and Jackie to get in, for they have nowhere else to go. Despite some defiance from Jackie, he reminds Kim of her situation. Kim goes in and Jackie follows suit.

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

After Kim's witch heritage is discovered by the DWMA, she flees with Jacqueline in fear. In reality the school had full intention to hear her out but the two men sent to approach her acted in a too hostile manner, provoking her into running. Kim and her weapon then become allied with the group Arachnophobia, a group that serves the witch Arachne. It was here that they were betrayed and forced to suffer the Morality Manipulation Machine.

During the DWMA attack on Arachnophobia's base, Kim is confronted by Ox, who risks his life to break Kim free from the brainwash caused by the machine. When Ox breaks his antenna-like hairstyle (which he openly states is intentional) he gets through to her, offering to create a place where she can go. She now seems to reciprocate Ox's feelings. They both then searched out and found Kilik but before they could proceed any further the group were severely affected by Arachne's insanity, which had spread throughout the castle. Thanks to the actions of Maka and Soul, they were saved and able to aid in the conclusion of the assault.

Tying Things Up, and New Beginnings

Due to the preceding circumstances; Kim, with her hair newly cut shorter then before, is summoned to Shinigami's room alongside Jacqueline, Tsubaki, and Angela. Sid and Shinigami discuss the issue of what they should do with the two witches. Sid notes that Kim's regeneration magic is in conflict with the natural destructive magic, known as the witches sway of magic and is unlikely to be influenced; and that Angela is still too young for the sway of magic to have taken any hold, but it is no guarantee that she will not become a threat as she grows older. Horrified by this, Kim proposes that, if she were to periodically expose Angela to her regenerative magic, she might be able to suppress Angela's destructive instincts. She also proposes that, if that does not work, there is the option of using the Moral Manipulation Machine, brought back from Baba Yaga's Castle, on Angela.

Without much thought, Shinigami agrees to let Angela stay.


Kim is introduced in the middle of sparring with Patti—who is in her fifth match in a row—but is both quickly and easily defeated by her. Kim, along with her partner are seen to have become apart of the new DWMA Elite Unit "Spartoi".

I'm Gonna be an Angel

Kim is seen flying using her weapon, Jackie. This was done in front of Maka and Soul so they can hopefully learn enough information on how to fly in order to do it themselves. Once the demonstration is completed, Kim and Jackie both witness Maka and Soul's first attempts at flying, which fails miserably when they spiral out of control and land rather ungracefully on the ground.


After further and largely more successful flight training; Kim, Maka and their respective partners decide to return to the DWMA. Maka's rather ineffective wings cause Kim to question whether she can go a little faster, however, it appears that she's at her limit. When she subsequently starts arguing with Soul, Kim considers leaving but realizes her duty is to accompany them back. Although, it doesn't take much convincing afterward to provoke her into returning without the others.



Kim in her Witch clothing, helping with Eruka's spell.

Kim is one of the witches (alongside Risa and Arisa) that assists Eruka in her Arithmetic Magic spell in order to transfer members of Spartoi into the Book of Eibon. Later, she hears from Ox that Tezca Tlipoca has died, and is visibly worried for her peers.


Kim and Jacqueline, along with Maka and Soul, accompany Stein to Russia to help with the recovery of those who fell under the Madness. As Kim heals one of the paitients, he looks at her and believes her to be cute.

There is Someone to Admire

Kim was present during the Death's order to put Crona on the list of people to be captured and executed. She complained that Death is being hard on Maka.

Battle on the Moon

She, Kid, Eruka, Free, Alisa and Lisa head to Witch City for negotiations for the DWMA, only to be caught and put on trial.


Although Kim possesses healing magic that allows her to recover from fatal injuries and maintain her youthful appearance, she could conceivably be killed in combat if she was unable to use magic on her injuries in time. Her magic can be limited by the extent of the injury to heal, as even multiple applications of Regeneration Magic could not completely remove deep scars such as the one inflicted by Mifune onto Black☆Star.[14]

As a witch, Kim is also susceptible to opponents who utilize the Anti-Demon Wavelength .


Soul Eater NOT Episode 5 HD - Kim's file

Kim's information file

  • Kim's animal theme as a witch is the tanuki, a rare species of canid indigenous to Japan and which resembles a raccoon. Kim's animal theme suits her personality: the tanuki is portrayed in Japanese folklore to be associated with wealth, gold and money. Likewise, Kim is also very attached to money. Also, tanuki in mythology are said to have healing powers and transformation abilities, both of which are associated with Kim.[15] Like tanukis, Kim also enjoys dining on omelets.[16]
  • The information sheet from Kim's fan club in the Soul Eater NOT! anime provides the following information about Kim: her body measurements are B81, W51, H79; her height is 154 cm; her weight is 43 kg; she is right-handed; her skin is papayawhip; and her trademark phrase is "pay money." As well, the information sheet suggests her blood type is B, as based on her personality. 


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