With his cheerful personality, Kilik is hard to dislike. He gets along well with his friends, and cares for them deeply, supporting them and cheering them up when they are down. He can sometimes get on some people's nerves as he is prone to teasing his friends and is quite tactless at times. Nevertheless, people see him as a trustworthy friend and respect him for his positive attitude and his skill in battle.

While Kilik is a tough combatant prone to getting into fights, it is that passionate personality that makes him a committed friend—especially as he tends to get into these fights with his closest friends, such as quarreling with the similarly strong but similarly Soul Perception deficient meister Black☆Star. Kilik is also a loyal colleague to members of his own three-meister team, as he urged Ox Ford to rescue Kim Diehl despite her defection from the DWMA.

Weapon Partners Edit

Fire and ThunderEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 99 - Fire and Thunder clutch Kilik

Fire and Thunder clutch Kilik

Kilik and the twins have expressed a mutual respect towards each other. He cares about them and knows when they are distressed, and even accepts their childish habits of playing and fighting. Occasionally, their tendency to be distracted lands Kilik in trouble, although Kilik does not really scold them when they do so. He also does not hesitate to praise them when the twins help him.

Liz and Patty ThompsonEdit

Kilik Guns

Kilik can resonate with both of the Thompsons

Kilik becomes a substitute partner for both Liz and Patty after Death the Kid is captured. Kirikou gets along pretty well with them, and exchanges jokes with the two during the mission over corny puns on the eyeball they find in Medusa Gorgon's Central Africa laboratory, and the strictness of their mission leader, Azusa Yumi.

Kilik and the Thompsons also work well together in combat as well, as Kilik was able to resonate his soul with both of them during their first mission, then in a chain resonance with Kim, Fire, and Thunder to produce a complicated four-weapon attack.

Despite his friendly relationship with Liz, and based on both his and Liz's friendship with Soul Eater an appreciation of music, Kilik was not above joining Patty and Black Star in mocking Liz and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in the Book of Eibon for their supposed lustfulness.

Patty also calls Kilik by the affectionate nickname, "Kiri-chan."

Azusa YumiEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 111 - Kilik aims Azusa (2)

Kilik aims Azusa at the Kishin

Azusa serves as the supervisor for Kilik's mission with Kim, Liz, Patty, and Fire and Thunder in Spartoi's first mission in Central Africa. While Kilik gets along with Azusa to a degree, he does think that she is rather strict, her shouting at him for lollygagging on that first mission scaring him when she disapproves of his laidback attitude. However, as Kilik is a Utility Meister, he is quick to adapt to Azusa as his weapon, having used her to fire upon Asura during Shibusen's battle on The Moon.


Ox FordEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 41 - Ox and Kilik

Ox and Kilik team up for a mission

Kilik and Ox share a strong friendship, despite their rather different methods of dealing with situations, as Ox's cool-headed judgment sometimes conflicts with Kirikou's headstrong ways, causing the latter to become frustrated with him. Despite this, and the fact that Kirikou finds Ox's devotion to studying boring, Kirikou understands Ox quite well and is impressed by his determination beyond his bookworm-like exterior. Their personalities are actually quite alike, both being rather strong-minded. He is often teamed up with Ox on missions and they work quite well together, being able to achieve a Chain Resonance with ease. The two sometimes exchange a high-five in a manner similar to Black Star and Soul (although Ox and Kilik use fists rather than open hands).

Kilik is also supportive of Ox when it comes to his feelings for Kim, and always cheers him up when Ox gets rejected by her. He goads Ox to go look for Kim in Baba Yaga's Castle when they are infiltrating it, assuring Ox that he will take care of everything else. Kilik's encouragement is so passionate that, as he and their Shibusen classmates are undercover as Arachnophobia members, Ox fears Kilik's loud encouragement will blow their cover.

Kim DiehlEdit

Kilik cares for Kim as a friend and fellow team mate, and is determined to bring her back to the DWMA after she runs away. Despite his hatred of Witches, Kirikou accepts Kim being a Witch, and the two remain good friends. The two also work well together in a team, with the two being able to use Chain Resonance.

Harvar D. ÉclairEdit

Kilik is shown to be slightly put off by Harvar's rather intense and dry personality, not hesitating to make a comment on it when he scared Kirikou's partners by stabbing an Artifact Soldier right in front of them. However, he still respects the Weapon for his skill and his determination in protecting Ox.

Soul EaterEdit

Soul and Kilik are seen hanging out with Black☆Star in Death City, coming across as tough guys (except to the knowing Anya Hepburn. The two young men bond over their interests in music, as when, after his battle against The Wrath Giant, Kilik engaged in a deep conversation with Soul about the talking drum he found. As such, Kilik seems to have much interest and knowledge about some musical genres and forms. Soul and Kilik also share some opinions, as they both agree that the discussion between Maka and Ox are rather boring for them, and they were two of the first students to refuse to join Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle so long as Medusa led this mission, although their disagreements were reined in by the more reasonable Maka and Ox.

Black StarEdit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 20 - Black Star vs Kilik

Black Star is likely to compete with Kilik

It is hinted that both Black Star and Kirikou are rivals, considering that Kirikou holds the second fastest running time after Black Star. It should also be noted that both Kirikou and Black Star are both the powerhouse of their team. However, their rivalry is a friendly one: although they sometimes squabble over trivialities, Black Star and Kilik are shown to be quite good friends. The two often joke around with each other and speak on mutual terms. Notably, he is also the only character to call Black Star by a nickname (he calls him Bla-Star, ブラ☆スター Bura-Staa).

During the battle on Lost Island for Brew, Kilik provides both physical support and even his limited rations with Black Star. When Black Star spies Kilik chewing on a chocolate bar, Kilik initially lies that he has a second one to share. But when he sees Black Star is willing to enter the magnetic vortex to rescue their teacher Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir, Kilik gives his second chocolate bar and demands Black Star eat it now for sustenance. As well, when Kilik and Ox Ford then enter the magnetic field to recover Black Star and his team, Kilik is the first to notice Black Star's exhausted condition, and helps him by offering a shoulder to lean on, using the opportunity to make a friendly quip, saying, "What's wrong, Bla-Star? This isn't like you." In the anime, in keeping with their friendly rivalry, Kilik is not above using Black Star as a human shield to block what he thinks is the explosion of Lost Island (but is really an after-image from 800 years ago) or to block the strangle hold Marie Mjolnir puts upon her students during their group hug.

In the Salvage mission, Kilik and Black Star are shown to be rather similar in terms of personality. Kilik also displays some envy when Black Star tells him that he shares a bedroom with Tsubaki.

Tsubaki NakatsukasaEdit

Despite his close friendship and rivalry with Black☆Star, Kilik's interactions with Tsubaki are limited. When he learns Black☆Star shares a bedroom with Tsubaki, Kilik show envy, perhaps suggesting he is attracted to Tsubaki.

Opponents Edit


Soul Eater Chapter 46 - Sensor threads

Medusa alerts Kilik to the sensor thread

Kilik has a hatred for Witches (apart from Kim of course) and hates Medusa, especially since her actions lead to Kim and Jacqueline running away from Shibusen. However, he cooperates with Medusa to a degree, and his Utility Meister abilities actually make him rather compatible with magic, which he is not that happy about. For her part, Medusa did alert Kilik that he was about to trip one of Arachne's sensor threads placed through the Amazon basin, although her action seemed less to do with the well-being of Kilik and his classmates and more to do with ensuring that they were not discovered by Arachnophobia before they completed their mission.

The Wrath GiantEdit

Soul Eater 44 - Ox and Kilik party with the Wrath Giant

Kilik parties with the Wrath Giant

Kirikou, at first, is determined to brawl with the giant in order to stop him, but ends up befriending him in the end, and the two seem to have become good friends, dancing around naked round a camp fire with Ox, Harvar, Fire and Thunder.

Eruka FrogEdit

Despite fighting Medusa's Army and the witches for so long, Kilik has a rather pleasant encounter with Eruka. As the battle against the Kishin comes to an end, Eruka provides coordinates with her Calculation Spells to pinpoint Asura's location on The Moon, allowing Kilik, armed with Azusa Yumi, to fire with accuracy. While Kilik congratulates Eruka as "the best spotter a guy could have," Eruka is too preoccupied with the danger the Kishin poses, snapping at Kilik to "Quit yapping!" For his part, Kilik seems to enjoy the accuracy of his shots too much to be insulted.


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