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Special AbilitiesEdit

Utility Meister (万能職人, Ban'nō Shokunin): According to Azusa Yumi, one of Kilik's most special talent is his capability to hook into the Wavelength rhythms of different weapons and synchronize himself enough to wield them.[1] His compatibility is also great enough to make use of the Vector Boost, which Ox Ford commented that Kilik himself made effective use of the Magic when he possessed it.[2]

Chapter 54 - Kilik knocks out Demon Tool Soldier 2

Kilik knocks out one of the Demon Tool Soldiers.

  • Pot Meister (壺職人, Tsubo Shokunin): Centrally, Kilik is a Pot Meister, a Meister's who's skilled in the usage of gauntlet-like devices called "Pots". He combines his capabilities with that of his hand-to-hand combat skills, enabling him to take on multiple opponents as well as powerful opponents.[3]
  • Gun-Type Meister (銃型職人, Jū-gata Shokunin): Among other kinds of Wavelengths he can synconize and wield is gun-type weapons. He possess considerable skill with the Demon Twin Guns enough to use them in battle as well as Azusa's gunbow transformation, managing to hit barely grace Asura from Earth to the Moon.[4]
Chapter 67 - Kilik kicks the Black Clown

Kilik kicking the Black Clown.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Kilik is a skilled and very adept hand-to-hand combatant, his skills having earned him the reputation among one of the three top students in the EAT Class, only surpassed by Black☆Star and Death the Kid.[5] Combining such skills with his Demon Pots, he's shown capable of besting the flawed Demon Tool Soldier 2 and even the Insight Demon Tool Soldier, who remarked that while he was capable of seeing his next twenty moves, he was unable to find a way to counter them.[6] He also showed considerable skill when he fended off the Black Clown despite the creation able to withstand his attacks.[7]

  • Instantaneous Maximum Firepower (瞬間最大火力, Shunkan Saidai Karyoku): According to Medusa, it is well known that Kilik himself is capable of outputting powerful attacks in an "instant", allowing him to achieve greater damage then average fighters while using the Demon Pots. This style of fighting has earned even recognition and the respects of Medusa when she stated the Black Clown being unaffected by his attacks was "adequate results".[7]

Enhanced Reflexes: Kilik possess excellent reflexes, capable of dodging gunfire from a Gatling gun, as a thrown moltov, a RPG, and the Vector Arrow spell from the Black Clown.[8]

Acrobatic Skill: Combined with his reflexes and agility, Kilik is acrobatic enough to vault over a wall much longer then himself.[9]

Former AbilitiesEdit

Chapter 54 - Kilik uses Vector Boost on Demon Tool Soldiers

Kilik using Vector Boost to defeat a number of Demon Tool Soldiers.

Vector Boost (ベクトルブースト, Bekutoru Būsuto): Granted to him by Medusa, he was capable of using the Magic along with the Demon Pots to boost his attacks by throwing his attacks at the same direction of the arrow. Being able to kill the Squid(?), he remarked that this Magic is some "deadly shit" and considerably powerful. He was also capable of using this to decimate a room full of Demon Tool Soldiers. He was only capable of using two at a time on both his right and left arm.[10]

Team AttacksEdit


Demon WeaponsEdit

Demon Pots (魔壺, Matsubo): Partnered with twin Fire and Thunder, Kilik can use their weapon forms as gauntlets (called "Pots") in order to increase his attacking capability as well as manipulate the elememt of fire and thunder from the respective partner.[11]

  • Triple F: Kilik engulfs his right fist in fire, then attacks the opponent with a straight punch.
  • Lightning Flash: Kilik launches himself in the air, then unleashes a powerful vertical strike conducted with the Pot of Thunder on Kilik's left hand, simultaneously chopping and shocking the opponent.


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