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Eibon Investigation Arc is the twelfth major story arc in the anime Soul Eater series. Although similar to the manga's Internal Investigation Arc, many of the events differ from this anime-exlusive story arc.


Notable InstancesEdit

  • Death the Kid pursues an investigation into Eibon's association with Death, but his interview with Stein fails due to his continued suffering from madness. Joe's arrival to Death City only worsens Kid's distrust of Death, as no one will be honest with him why they are using Eibon's demon tools to construct weapons against Arachnophobia and their possession of BREW.
  • Black☆Star's frustration with his failure on Lost Island leads him to challenge Kid to a duel to prove to himself that he is still on the road to becoming a god. Scared for his friend's injured soul due to his use of the Uncanny Sword Mode, Kid is forced to knock out Black☆Star, handing Black☆Star another defeat. Black☆Star almost immediately recovers from his self-doubt after Kid beats him, but his desire to grow stronger, even through madness, persists up to his last fight against Mifune.

Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • By this arc, the anime had diverged widely from the manga. Whereas in this chapter Joe Buttataki's investigation into treachery within Shibusen leads him to suspect Stein, and to meet his death, in the corresponding episode Joe had only just arrived at the Academy, and his task was to create weapons from demon tools in the fight against Arachnophobia, not to investigate.
  • In the manga, Spirit Albarn and Sid Barrett arrest Franken Stein and instead of bringing him to Death takes Stein to Hook Cemetery to meet with Mira Naigus and Marie Mjolnir to see off him and Marie so they can clear Stein's name and find who really killed Joe Buttataki. In the anime, however, Spirit doesn't report Crona's disappearance to Death instead he informs his daughter and Soul about what had happened to Crona.
  • Whereas the manga's corresponding arc refers to Marie and Joe as having dated, no mention of such a relationship exists in the anime.
  • While the manga's corresponding arc does hint at Joe’s appreciation for a good cup of joe (perhaps related to his own name), the anime exaggerated his love for coffee whereas in the manga Joe simply dislikes the taste of what the Academy serves.
  • Whereas in the manga Black☆Star met with Naigus to receive the discouraging news about his health when using the Uncanny Sword, in Episode 38, this news was passed along to Tsubaki Nakatsukasa first, who then informed a truant Black☆Star.
  • As well, whereas in the manga Black☆Star challenges Kid to fight as soon as he exits the Dispensary, where Kid happened to be standing, in Episode 38 Black☆Star met with the main cast in the Class Crescent Moon, and it is at this point that he challenges Kid to fight.
  • In the manga, Maka had discovered Medusa's survival and Crona's treachery when she see's Eruka Frog speaking with Crona about Medusa's survival. While in Episode 39, Maka and Soul Evans learn about Crona's treachery when they confesses what had happened to Professor Stein in the desert pit. As well, Soul was not with Maka when Maka learns of Crona's treachery in this chapter.
  • Episode 38 concludes with Maka and Soul visiting Black☆Star in the infirmary to confirm his recovery, and Tsubaki meeting with Kid, as he repairs the Academy's spire, to apologize for Black☆Star's behavior. Neither event occurs in the manga: Maka retreats to her bedroom to ponder the news of Crona's treachery while Soul prepares a meal, and Tsubaki and Kid retreat into the background following Black☆Star's defeat.

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