Episode 24 - Lord Death performs Katsu



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Manga Debut

Chapter 22

Anime Debut

Episode 24

Katsu (喝, Katsu) is a powerful technique using a loud shout to attack.[1]

Cultural References

In Zen Buddhism, "Katsu!" is a shout used to scold practitioners or prod them into moving farther towards enlightenment.[2]


By shouting out Katsu to initiate the technique, it allows the user to create a powerful energy force powerful enough to to dispel it's intended target. This technique can also be initiated after charging up power and used as a follow up for other techniques such as Death Shock Waves.[1] In the anime, the technique is instead initiated with a normal scream/shout.[3]It is assumed that the technique in itself is performed similar to that of a Kiai in martial arts, a shout used to focus spirit and energy into an attack.[2]


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