"I have seen careful, new girl."

— Kana Altair warning Tsugumi Harudori in "Moving In!"
Kana Altair
Kana Atair - (1) Kana Altair as she appears in Soul Eater NOT!.
Name Kana Altair
Romaji Kana Arutairu
Katakana カナ·アルタイル
Alternate Name(s) Cana Altair
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Race/Species Human Soul Human
Type of Soul
Status Alive
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Death Weapon Meister Academy
Place of Origin
Residence Death City
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Kotori Koiwai (Japanese)
Alison Viktorin (English)
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 2 (NOT!)
Anime Debut(s) Episode 2 (NOT!)
Game Debut(s)

Kana Altair (カナアルタイル, Kanaarutairu), spelled as Cana Altair in Funimation's Sub/Dub, is a fortune-telling child who attends DWMA. While she is not seen going to the academy's classes, Kana is part of the NOT Class and generally tells the fortune of those in the Girls Dormitory.[1]


Kana Altair Not! anime design

Kana's anime design.

Kana demonstrates all the qualities of a young girl and as such, is only very small and slight in stature, being even shorter than Tsugumi who admittedly isn't very tall herself. A large portion of her body remains concealed beneath a small elbow-length white cloak that features a hood, with a prominent pair of animal ears stitched atop of it, which Kana constantly keeps drawn over her head even when indoors. However, in spite of this article of clothing, her face and light shoulder-length hair can still be easily seen. The remainder of her attire consists of a dark top, with two vertical stripes running along it.


Kana is a very quiet and soft-spoken individual, seemingly preferring solitude over conversation with others and often becoming more preoccupied with her tarot cards, than those around her. On the rare occurrences where she actually interacts with her fellow students, her face usually remains devoid of any expression and she can be rather inconsiderate towards the feelings of others, resulting in a very blunt declaration of her fortunes regardless of their subject matter and nature. Despite this, as long as people are polite towards her, Kana will treat them with an equal amount of respect. However, she takes considerable pride in her predictive abilities and will not tolerate anyone scrutinising them, quickly displaying a more scornful side to her temperament that manifests itself as a rapid barrage of successive insults to those who question her skill. When this occurs, she refuses to even acknowledge the person in question, instead demonstrating her frustration through the use of various tarot cards depicting snide remarks such as The Fool and even the fictitious The Pig or The House.


Main article: Kana Altair's Relationships While she does tend to keep herself most of the time, Kana is very respected as a senior student due to her uncanny ability to predict future events or even characteristics of people. She makes the acquaintance of the main characters as well as minor characters.


Main article: Divination

Kana Atair - (7)

Kana preparing her fortunes.

Kana has demonstrated that she is very proficient in the art of Divination, often using the symbolic meanings of tarot cards to accurately predict and determine the course of an individual's respective future. These capabilities are held in high regard by many of her fellow students, an undeniable consequence brought about by the frightening likelihood with which her predictions come true, especially after the events that befell Tsugumi concerning Misery when she was previously warned by Kana about a "Calamity" occurring on that very day.

The deck of cards used by Kana to create these prophecies consists mainly from those of the Major Arcana used in tarot, as well as some other more distinctive and questionable additions.


Moving In!

Death Fest Arc


  • Kana's first name comes from the word "arcana", plural for "arcanum", which means "secret", "mystery", "confidentiality", etc. "Arcana" shows up in the terms "Major Arcana" and "Minor Arcana", which are the two categories of tarot cards.
  • Kana's surname of Altair is derived from real world astronomy. The word "Altair" is comes the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. Altair itself is an abbreviation of a traditional Arabic phrase to the constellation, the complete phrase "Al Nesr Al Tair", roughly translates to "the flying eagle" and in astrology, the star Altair was ill-omened, portending to danger from reptiles.


  1. Soul Eater NOT! Manga: Chapter 2

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