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Maka's Mother
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Maka's Mother, erroneously known as Kami (かみ, Kami, literally meaning "God") from mistranslation, is Maka's mother and Spirit's ex-wife. She has not been seen in the series, only mentioned. Despite this, many know of her presence and her skills as a scythe meister. She is Spirit's second wielder, replacing Stein, and the one who made Spirit into a Death Scythe. She is no longer a student in the school, but did not become a teacher like Spirit and Stein.

She is known to be very clever, as Spirit stated that she had always gotten top marks in class in the past, a trait passed down to Maka. She is also noted to be one of the few people who possesses a demon-slayer wavelength, a trait that she has also passed down to her daughter. This point is canonical only in the anime. The manga has not confirmed that the demonslayer wavelength is genetic or indeed that Maka's mother possesses any unusual abilities of her own.

The later episodes of the anime mentioned that Maka had been receiving postcards from Kami as she traveled around the world. One of these contained simply the word 'bravery', something which later inspires Maka during her fight against Asura. This communication between Kami and her daughter is not present in the manga.


  • It is implied in Episode 45 of the anime that Maka's mother is currently either in Iran or Afghanistan when Maka has Stein translate the writing on the postcard she received which is in Farsi (aka Persian), the official language of Ira and Afghanistan.
  • In the anime, Maka compares her mother to a grizzly bear. She's strong, hot-tempered, and you wouldn't want to see her mad. But she also says that Kami is warm, kind, and loyal.

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