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Kaguya (かぐや) was a Clown brought into existence by the Madness of Asura, whose authority she follows unreservedly, along with that of his disciple, Justin Law. She was also one of the three powerful Clowns who engaged in battle with Death the Kid.[1] She was also one of the leading figures of the Clown Army


She is very prideful, and devoted to the Kishin, as are all other clowns. She also claims to be "shy". She could also be considered "kinky" or exhibitionist, due to her focus on her body, and her repeated claims that Death the Kid was focusing on her body. She is also notable for acting somewhat as a leader of the Clowns, showing she has some leadership traits.


Kaguya appears as a voluptuous near-nude female with Kishin markings all over her body. She wears a cloak that she uses to defend herself from attack. She has light, straight, shoulder length hair that ends sharply at both the fringe and the ends. Her eyes, which are also light in colour, are almond-shaped and have narrow pupils. In fact, the only dark parts on her body are her aforementioned Kishin-themed markings.

In addition, she has what appears to be a pair of flames - from time to time, these flames are replaced with one single central flame - coming from the top of her head.[1]

Magic & Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Soul Eater Chapter 91 - Kaguya kicks Kid

Kaguya engages Death the Kid

Kaguya is a skilled combatant. She has been able to fight the likes of Death the Kid, even when he's connected two of the Lines of Sanzu. With the combination of her incredible defense and offensive power along with her powerful capabilities, she's a dangerous fighter.


Wardrobe Change

Main article: Wardrobe Change

Kaguya's magical abilities seems centered around the clothes that she wears, each of her clothes giving her magical abilities. She can switch her clothes at will during battle for a variety of different effects.[2] Some are so powerful that even Death the Kid's own attacks are unable to penetrate some of the defenses.


Like all other Clowns, Kaguya is capable of regeneration and reanimation shortly after death by feeding on Asura's Madness wavelength. This power is nullified however when the witches use Soul Protect on the Clowns to block their connection to the Madness.[3]

Athletic Conditioning

Kaguya and Death the Kid fighting

Kaguya and Death the Kid engaging in combat.

Kaguya is in good standing in terms of physical ability. She's been seen fast enough to dodge the likes of Kid and his attacks from the Demon Twin Guns and tank some of his attacks. She's also been able to block some of his attacks in addition.[2]


Wardrobe Clothes
Angel's Raiment Spells
Soul Eater Chapter 92 - Raiment Wall

Heavenly Raiment Wall.

Pelt of the Fire Rat Spells
  • Flaming Moonring: A wide-range offensive technique that Kaguya can use after she changes into her Fire Mouse Fur Coat form. After changing her "clothes", Kaguya can magically shoot a massive inferno in directly front of her, incinerating anything in its path.[2]
Joined with Moonlight
  • Beauty Bamboo Blaster: A powerful, long-range offensive combination technique Kaguya uses with Moonlight after it transforms into a large cannon and fuses with her. It was powerful enough to shoot down the Demon Airship in one shot and create strong winds[3]


The War on the Moon Arc

During the Battle on the Moon, Kaguya is one of the Kishin Asura's minions against Shibusen and fights Kid and the rest with the other clown armies. She was fighting Kid and Granny, then, after Moonlight was destroyed, she changed her appearance and destroyed a group of Shibusen soldiers. Kaguya reveals that the Kishin's continuous output of Madness allows the clowns to regenerate constantly, and thus they remain unkillable.

Later on, when the Clowns are blocked off from the Kishin's Madness by the Witches' Soul Protect, thus rendered vulnerable, Kaguya, White Rabbit and Moonlight merged together into one powerful clown; however, due to the combined efforts of Black☆Star's fighting prowess and Maka's Demon-Hunt, they were eventually defeated.


  • Kaguya is named and designed after Princess Kaguya of the fairytale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. In short, a princess of the moon is sent to Earth in infant form and found by an elderly couple among bamboo stalks. They raise her as her own and she grows up to be beautiful, eventually catching the eye of and falling for the emperor. However, her people come to take her back some time after that and Kaguya's mortal feelings are erased, leaving all who knew her behind in sadness.


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