As a weapon without a meister and someone with intense devotion to whichever god he worships, Justin Law can seem isolated from other persons but devoted to his faith. Whereas in the anime Justin remains an ally to the DWMA (Military), his fall into madness causes him to begin to show intense hatred towards former allies such as Franken Stein and fellow Death Scythes such as Marie Mjolnir and Tezca Tlipoca. But whether in the anime or in the manga, one of Justin's most notable relationships is with that of the saw weapon Giriko, who serves first as his Arachnophobia opponent and later his uneasy ally as part of Noah (Greed)'s gang.

Uneasy Alliances

Justin Law and Giriko battle

Justin Law and Giriko fight

Both quickly develop a rivalry with each other, as the two have very conflicting ideas, to the extent that Giriko quickly begins calling Justin "Father" (a joke at the fact that Justin dresses like a Catholic priest)[1] and making other allusions to his faith[2][3][4]. These feelings are further intensified by the equality in the two's level of power, resulting in their conflicts always concluding in a draw.
Later circumstances have put the two upon the same side but this has done little to temper their issues, as arguments are still a common occurrence between the pair. But, since Giriko's defeat, a little reaction from even when Giriko was alive and allied himself with Justin has been shown as he seems to have grown extremely distant from even those who also possess madness within them.

DWMA Allies and Enemies

Soul Eater Chapter 69 - Tezca and Justin

Tezca chats at Justin

Tezca Tlipoca
With their mutual status as Death Scythes, the two are recounted as often sharing conversations about their respective lives. However, these discussions are less than lively, with Tezca being the only active participant. It is presumed by him to simply be due to Justin’s stoic nature and quality as a good listener. In actuality, Justin has never understood a single word being said because of Tezca’s persistent wearing of his bear-like headpiece which prevents his lips from being read, much to Tezca’s great disappointment. After their battle in Africa Tezca and Justin meet again in Moscow near the massive sphere of Black Blood created by Crona and it was here that Tezca still tried to convince his former ally to come back to Death City with him. As the two Death Scythes engage in combat Tezca tries to explain to Justin that he isn't fighting him to end his life, but he is actually trying to help him realize that his senseless worship and image of gods as his companions isn't how human beings are meant to live. After a short argument Tezca reveals that he's trying to make Justin realize that he's his friend, and what he's doing is what friends, not gods, do for each other. But Tezca's words only fall on deaf ears as Justin only grows more and more enraged, resulting in him performing a type of demented execution speech. During this, Tezca still attempts to be the voice of reason to Justin till the very end. Even though he was killed by Justin and his beliefs and he may have displayed a very unusual nature, behind all of this Tezca Tlipoca showed that he possessed the qualities of a true friend to Justin Law, a person who prefers the company of gods over humans.
At first, Justin seemed to have devout faith in Shinigami to whom he prayed and gave thanks for everything as his God. His faith affects the clothes he wears and how he typically speaks, using chiefly religious terms even within his normal sentence. However is later revealed he was a worshiper of the Kishin Asura, though it was never clarified if this was originally the case, if he was brain washed by the clown or Madness wavelength. Shinigami was shown to trust Justin, sending him to investigate the Oldest Golem incident and assist his allies. Shinigami, unlike some other characters, never got annoyed by his constant usage of earphones due to being somewhat silly himself. However, after Justin revealed his identity as a Kishin worshiper, they are no longer allies, with Justin hating Shinigami for what he did to Asura and killing his true loyal followers.
This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

Madness Allies

Soul Eater Chapter 61 - Justin and the Clown

Justin and the Clown

The Clown
During Justin's long absence from the series, after the events occurring in the confrontation over Brew, he appears to have met the Clown and might subsequently fallen under its influence, though it is also possible that Justin is evil or insane himself even before the encounter. As stated by Yumi Azusa, Justin has many mysteries in his background data. Nevertheless, the connection between Justin and the Clown seems to be established to such an extent that Justin has renounced all his previous faith for Shinigami and has instead turned his devotions towards Asura.
It is unknown how long Justin has revered Kishin Asura as his "god"; it is possible that Justin was recently brainwashed into serving the Kishin by one of his clowns, or that Justin was always a spy at Shibusen. Though a definitive answer has yet to be given, events throughout the story have pointed to both theories. However, Justin was brought under Asura's control; he serves the first Kishin with more zealotry than Shinigami. He has already killed once in Asura's name, the victim being Joe Buttataki. A failed attempt on Maka Albarn's life also meant he was ready and willing to end more lives to keep the Kishin happy.
At the end of Chapter 81, Justin is seen in a mountainous region surrounded by a vast gathering of madness clowns generated by Asura's presence there. He smiles, stating that this is where the Kishin is located. In the beginning of the next chapter, Justin is seen with a smile of ecstasy on his face, repeating Oh God over and over again, implying that he has met his new deity face to face.
When Justin appears to execute Crona in the Ukraine it becomes more plausible that the two have not only met but spoken; Justin's behavior is far more focused and concentrated as well as more sadistic and crazed than ever before. It is therefore possible that Crona's death sentence was handed down by the Kishin himself.

Other Characters

The relationship between Justin and Crona was never clarified though Justin Law showed great anticipation at the notion of killing Crona on behalf of his God, Asura, showing he had little affection for them.


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