Justin Law's Dune Buggy is one of the Death Scythe's means of transportation, a four-wheel vehicle capable of riding on streets and through the deserts surrounding Death City, hence an important vehicle for his travels around the world when serving DWMA.



Justin rides his vehicle through the desert

With a coffin attached by a hitch to the vehicle and its polished black materials, Justin's dune buggy resembles a hearse. Justin brings the coffin, which is placed on a four-wheel platform, to house the corpses he intends to kill during his missions for Death. But Justin has used the coffin also to transport injured colleagues, such as when Maka Albarn was paralyzed by Arachne's spider threads in Loew Village.

The dune buggy maintains a design similar to Justin's attire, primarily black and white with crosses.

Also typical of a lover of loud music such as Justin, the dune buggy is equipped with two loudspeakers, which can be heard long before the vehicle arrives in its location.

While the dune buggy is not seen in remainder of the manga following Justin's mission in Loew Village—as he instead walks with his boombox coffin or prefers alternative forms of transportation such as a snowmobile on Lost Island and Demon Tool Paper from the Book of Eibon, Justin is seen riding the dune buggy in the anime's final episode.