"He keeps using jumbled line up. We can't even get close to him"

— Tsubaki taking about the technique.(Chapter 50, Yen Press)
Mifune's Jumbled Lineup
Jumbled Lineup




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Jumbled Lineup is one of the various technique used by Mifune as part of his Infinite One-Sword Style. This technique is only present in the manga.


Revolving his body around a single point, Mifune swings his currently held sword in a circular motion, causing all of the blades in the immediate vicinity to be propelled upwards.[1] By then utilizing the collisions between the swords to keep them aloft, he is able to ensure that he is continually surrounded by a large quantity of blades regardless of his subsequent movements, whilst integrating even more into the technique as and when necessary. Due to the close proximity and number of the involved swords, Mifune can unleash the full potential of his expert swordsmanship to then bombard the enemy with an unrelenting stream of attacks from all directions.[2]

The versatility of this technique is unsurpassed, as it combines both a powerful defence and a comprehensive offense, yet still retains the capability to effortlessly switch between the two. This occurs due to Mifune being able to execute his other attacks more easily, without the prior need to gather and/or position the swords, whilst making it increasingly difficult for an opponent to engage him directly because of the presence of the adjacent blades. As a testament to this, the ability was capable of overwhelming even the speed of Black☆Star's Shadow☆Star: Third Form - Severed Shadow, as well as fighting on an equal footing against the latter's Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune.



  • As with the rest of his Infinite One-Sword Style, Mifune integrates certain aspects of kendō (剣道; Literally meaning "way of the sword") into his distinctive style of swordsmanship. In this case, during his final confrontation with Black☆Star, he adopted the Hassō-no-kamae (八相の構え, all (eight) directions stance) in response to the latter's irregular sideways stance.[3]


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