A Jiangshi (殭屍, Jiangshi (stiff corpse)) in Soul Eater is a human corpse that is reanimated by unclear means.[1] No actual jiangshi show up in Soul Eater but the concept is known and spoken of.


A jiangshi is a type of undead which body and limbs have stiffened up already. Because of this, they can't walk normally, but have to hop to get around. They preserve their existence by consuming the qi (life force) of the living. This is closely tied to breath, so holding one's breath makes one undetectable to a jiangshi.[2] A jiangshi is typically outfitted with official garments from the Qing Dynasty (China, 1644-1912) and the creature can be made manageable by the application of a paper charm to the forehead. This charm is to be made of yellow paper and have a spell or instruction written in animal blood on it.[1]


  • The imagined jiangshi version of Mai Thi Hoang has "Corpse of the DWMA" ("死武専ノ屍", "Shibusen no Shikabane") written on her paper charm.


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