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Soul Eater NOT Episode 9 - Dorm Garden 2
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The JOT Arc is the fourth Story Arc of the series Soul Eater NOT! Unlike other story arcs in this series, the JOT Arc consists largely of vignettes, with many chapters comprised of short stories, often centered around a theme. The arc also continues to follow Tsugumi Harudori's attempts to master her weapon form and to determine whether her meister will be Anya Hepburn or Meme Tatane.


Halloween DeadlineEdit

Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane begin their summer semester at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. These lessons teach the trio about the origins of demon weapons[1] and to test weapons' transformation abilities. Despite encouragement from Maka Albarn, Tsugumi still struggles to transform into a bladed version of her halberd. After one class, Anya and Meme confront Tsugumi, suggesting that her inability to transform fully owes to her indecisiveness: while Anya is adept with Tsugumi's spear form and Meme with her axe form, Tsugumi has not chosen either one of them as her one and only meister. Therefore, the meisters issue an ultimatum to Tsugumi: before Death City's Death Festival, a yearly battle competition between EAT students held on Halloween, Tsugumi must choose a meister.

Notable InstancesEdit

  • Anya and Meme issue an ultimatum to Tsugumi to choose a meister before the Death Festival on Halloween. Tsugumi will make her decision in the final arc—choosing both meisters.
  • Clay Sizemore struggles to maintain his and Akane☆Hoshi's cover as NOT students, whether Tsugumi Harudori's questions why the two are so interested in Anya Hepburn, and even just trying to be around Anya.[2]
  • Meme Tatane is revealed as sleep-studying to earn her high grades despite her memory problems and using messenger bats to deliver messages to some unknown party.[3] The cover to one chapter in this arc shows Meme Tatane sleep-reading inside the Anti-Witch Headquarters.[4] That this is a locked room closed off to NOT students, Meme's presence suggests that she broke in after-hours. All of this information foreshadows revelations that Meme is working for Shaula Gorgon: she is reading in her sleep, and breaking into the Anti-Witch Headquarters, to gather more information about the DWMA and its student records so Shaula can possess NOT students and so the witch may learn Sid Barrett's plans to capture her.
  • In the manga, this arc introduces Texas Mask, a chainsaw-wielding person ready to kill.[5] Later arcs will reveal Meme Tatane, if not additional people, have worn the disguise of Texas Mask. In the anime, Texas Mask first appeared in the How To! Arc as one of the wanted posters on the Death Weapon Meister Academy Mission Board. While the anime does not suggest Meme dressed as Texas Mask, she does wield their signature weapon, chainsaws, when fighting Tsugumi and Anya in the final arc.
  • One chapter cover shows Anastasia Yngling gazing outside of Yngling Castle, foreshadowing the revelation that Anya is part of House Yngling.[3]
  • Anya is able to identify that Soul Eater is only passing himself off as a "tough guy",[4] which confirms information provided in the original manga that Soul is more refined than he originally seemed, coming from the musically talented Evans family.
  • Tsugumi's family life also reveals that Tsugumi's dog, Pochi, is generally not fond of her, which she blames on her latent weapon abilities.[1][6] Pochi will be significant to the series' later arcs.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit


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