Shadow ☆Star Zeroth Form Masamune Initiation Technique - Infinity
Technique Data
English Title Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form — Masamune Initiation Technique — Infinity
Romaji Kage☆Hoshi Zero no Kata "Masamune" Mugen
Katakana 影☆星・零ノ型「正宗」無限
Alternate Title(s)
Type Soul Resonance
Derived ability
User(s) Black Star + Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 80
Anime Debut

Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form — Masamune Initiation Technique — Infinity is one of the techniques utilized in the Shadow☆Star series and part of the Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune technique within the form. It is used during his fight with Noah (Greed) and after utilizing Madness Takehold.


Through the refined manipulation of the large black scarf, associated with the Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune, and the enhanced control conferred by the selective addition of Madness, Black☆Star is capable of generating a significant number of hardened swords, composed from the same black shadow-like substance. The violent manner in which these respective blades are initially launched and the relevant sharpness of their construction, means that they are able to pierce most materials with relative ease in order to inflict a moderate amount of damage, with even the enormous bulk and toughened hide of Noah's Cyclops seemingly providing little resistance against these acute spikes.

However, the true culmination of this technique is only demonstrated when another subsequent strike is conducted after the blades prior impalement, which results in the swords simultaneously undergoing a vicious slicing motion that is capable of completely bifurcating the intended target into multiple distinct pieces, devastating the victim due to the tremendous severity of the numerous wounds. After the abilities completion the swords do not dissipate but instead continue to hover around Black☆Star's form, in a similar fashion to that of Mifune's Disorderly Line technique and is very similar at the Infinite One-Sword Style like the name implicates.


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