The Infinite One-Sword Style (限一刀流, Mugen Ittōryū) is a Martial Way in which allows its users to utilize swords and possess a unique, supernatural-like power to a multiple number of swords.[2]


Episode 2 - Mifune initiates Infinite One-Sword Style

Mifune initiating Infinite One-Sword Style.

As a fighting style, the Infinite Sword Style uses a number of swords (in which depends on the user) to battle, scattering them around the battlefield and using them to suit the user's purpose (depending on the swordplay skills of the user). What makes this style powerful, however, is that those who are familiar and utilize this style have a power in which is connected to the sword,[3] allowing them to actually control the sword itself with seemingly the mind.[4]

List of TechniquesEdit


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