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Manga debut

Chapter #43


The Clown

Class Attack
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Infection's Strike
Maka Albarn being struck by the technique
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Due to the unique "attractive" qualities of the Clown's soul, it can produce multiple "arms" upon seemingly any part of it's body, that are capable of drawing a person deeper into madness. In this instance, the Clown forcibly ejects numerous examples of these "arms" from it's own previously damaged right forearm. These "arms" aim only to pierce the heart of the intended target, playing upon the pre-exsisting fears of the vitcim, in order to plunge them further into madness' grasp.

Only a heart strong in courage, and seemingly an anti-demon wavelength, can resist this phase of infection, while others found lacking easily succumb to madness' probing influence.


  • The design of the "arms" is similar to the bandages covering Asura's face.
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