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Episode 46 - Eibon's research on Immortality papers

Eibon's research on immortality in the anime.

In Soul Eater, Immortality is the apparent power which allows people to live forever. In addition, those with immortality are unable to die conventionally except in specific circumstances. In the world of Soul Eater, only select beings such as those within the Immortal Clan or gods like the Shinigami and the Great Old Ones truly possess the ability of Immortality.

In the anime, it is also a "genre", with Eibon researching said genre in an attempt to save his beloved.[1]


Type 1 Immortality

Type 1 Immortality is a conjectural term used to describe the immortality that the Shinigami and the Great Old Ones possess due to being embodiment of Madness. In the case of the Full-fledged Shinigami and the Great Old Ones in the series, they're unable to die due to the fact that they embody madness.[2]

Despite this, it seems only extremely powerful Death Scythes are capable of killing those with this sort of immortality. In the anime, the most powerful attack of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister, the Kishin-Hunt (also known as the Kishin Hunter), is capable of overcoming this immortality.

Type 2 Immortality

Fee healing from a wound

Free healing from a wound.

Type 2 Immortality is a conjectural term used to describe the immortality that only the Immortal Clan and Free possess. This type of immortality not only allows the individual to survive any injuries, but also provides an extremely fast regenerating factor. It is still possible to kill an individual with this immortality type with either the use of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister or (possibly) beheading.

In the non-canon video game Monotone Princess, this immortality can be lost should a member of the Immortal Clan consume a kishin egg.


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  2. Soul Eater Manga: Chapter 112. Crona claims that Asura is unable to die because he is fear itself, just as all the Great Old Ones are the embodiment of their respective forms of Madness.

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