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Immortal Clan
Image Not Available
Name Immortal Clan
Alternate title(s) Immortal
Head Unknown
Residence Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Data
Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 13

The Immortal Clan (不滅のクラン,Fumetsu no Kuran), known as an Immortal (不滅,Fumetsu) in Funimation Sub/Dub, is a group of werewolves who're, like the name suggests, are immortal. Their ability to live for hundreds of years suggests that many clan members still exist but so far, only two members has been seen in the entirety of Soul Eater. The remaining members were either killed or taken into custody by the DWMA.[1]


Those within the immortal clan are werewolves, in which means they possess the ability to transform between a human and werewolf and are immortal and able to heal instantly from physical attacks. However, the only way of killing an immortal is attacks from the Hunt-Slash series[2] or possibly beheading.[3]

List of members in the Immortal Clan

Name Rank Status


  • In the anime, Maka expresses the fact that the Immortal Clan/Immortals are thought to be myth.[4]


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