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English Title Immortal Clan
Romaji Fushi no Ichizoku
Katakana 不死の一族
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The Immortal Clan (不死の一族, Fushi no Ichizoku) was a clan made up of Werewolves in which were renown for their immortality.[1]


Much information pertaining to the Immortal Clan is unknown. The Immortal Clan once co-existed along with ordinary Humans. However, those within the Immortal Clan often threaten the lives of ordinary human beings and broke the rules established by the DWMA. As a result, the majority of the Immortal Clan were killed or taken into custody presumably by Death Weapon Meister Academy.[2]


Those within the immortal clan are werewolves, in which means they possess the ability to transform between a human and werewolf and are immortal and able to heal instantly from physical attacks. However, the only way of killing an immortal is attacks from the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister[3] or possibly beheading.[4]

Members of the Immortal Clan

Within the Immortal Clan, each of the members when addressed by those outside the clan itself are often referred to as a "Immortal (不死, Fushi)" for short.[5]

Name Rank Status


  • In the anime, Maka expresses the fact that the Immortal Clan/Immortals are thought to be myth.[6]


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