Icicle Fist
Icicle Fist
Technique Data
English Title Icicle Fist
Romaji Hyōchūken
Katakana 氷柱拳
Alternate Title(s)
Type Magic, Melee
Derived Magic
Element Ice
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 52
Anime Debut
You idiot! After all that and you sent him flying in the direction we're supposed to go...

Kid, Chapter 52

Icicle Fist (氷柱拳 Hyōchūken in Japanese) is a technique used by Free, similar to that of his Ice Fist, only that it encases the entirety of Free's forearm in a block of ice, which he then swings in an uppercut to his enemy. This attack creates a relatively larger and denser block of ice surrounding Free's arm that does not shatter upon impact, giving it a far greater potential for damage.

The attack is first used against Mosquito in his Form from 100 years ago, where the impact is enough to propel Mosquito a great distance away from both Kid and Free, while causing enough damage to also force him to transform into his Form from 200 years ago. This clearly demonstrates the destructive force this ability is capable of, as not only does Mosquito note his form from 200 years ago to be his toughest form, but the large size of his frame makes it difficult to launch him over such distance, while Free does it with relative ease.