Ice Spindle
Ice Spindle
Technique Data
English Title Ice Spindle
Romaji Hyōsuitai
Katakana 氷錘体
Alternate Title(s)
Type Magic, Piercing,
Derived Magic
Element Ice,
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 13
He killed all of just one go...

Eruka, Chapter 10

Ice Spindle (氷錘体, Hyōsuitai; known as Ice Cone in the English dub) is one of Free's attack that nicely follows after his Ice Sphere technique. After using said technique, Free launches the dense ball of ice into the air, where he subsequently jumps up and on top of it. The, using his magic, he transforms the ball of ice into a gigantic icicle to ram down and pierce his intend target. The huge force associated with the rapidly descending spike, is enough to split the foe in two and embed the large pillar deep into the ground afterwards.

Free can also make smaller icicles which can appear out of the ground to stab the opponent from beneath. He tries to use this on Black☆Star, but he blocks it using Tsubaki's shadow. He can also create smaller icicles in his hands, which he can throw at his enemies like a spear.


  • Due to the shortening of Free's introductory confrontation, against his former prison guards, within the anime, this ability is not demonstrated then. However, Free uses it later on Black☆Star.