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Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Free attacks Maka with Ice Sphere
Ice Sphere




Derived Magic

A Vasili



Manga Debut

Chapter 10

Anime Debut

Episode 13

He's carrying that giant block of ice as if it's nothing...

Maka Albarn, Chapter 11

Ice Sphere (氷球体, Hyōkyūtai) is a basic Magic attack used by Free.


The usage of this attack requires the shackle that Free has chained around his left ankle and his A Vasili magic. He encases the ball in ice, creating a large and dense sphere of it. The sphere itself is far larger than the ball and chain are initially, appearing almost equal to the bulk of a relatively large boulder. Even when considering the amount of ice required to form such a size, Free's abilities allow him to produce it in mere moments.


Ice Sphere's enormous size is used to effectively smash and crush enemies, causing a great deal of damage. This technique is far more effective in combination with Free's signature fighting style, Fighting Wolf Fist, and does little to hinder his movements due to his inhuman level of strength. It also leads nicely to his attack, Ice Shackle Bullet. He first uses this move on the guards of Witch Prison, and later in the fight against Maka and Soul.


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