Ice Shackle Bullet
Ice Ball
Technique Data
English Title Ice Shackle Bullet
Romaji Hyōkadan
Katakana 氷枷弾
Alternate Title(s)
Type Magic,
Derived Magic
Element Ice,
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 10
Anime Debut 13
It's my turn now, I'm gonna be the judge! I'm not gonna play by his rules ANYMORE!!

Free, Episode 13

Ice Shackle Bullet (氷枷弾 Hyōkadan in Japanese) is a devastatingly powerful attack, performed after Free has used Ice Sphere on the ball and chain attached to his left ankle. The dense layer of ice surrounding the ball dramatically enhances the destructive force an opponent suffers. Free, using the leg to which the ball and chain is attached, swings the giant ball of ice at the enemy. He is also capable of picking the ice up and throwing it.

The presence of the chain has the effect of extending the range of the kick involved within this technique. Also, as the attack launches the victim high into the air, Free can increase the damage inflicted by producing an Ice Pillar directly in the path of the enemy. Normal enemies will die instantly after colliding with the ice ball due to its enormous momentum. Free uses it against the guards of Witch Prison and later against Maka Albarn, killing the former, but only injuring the latter.


  • Although the technique features both in the manga and anime, it is only named in the manga.

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