Ice Pillar
Ice Pillar
Technique Data
English Title Ice Pillar
Romaji Hyōchūtai
Katakana 氷柱体
Alternate Title(s)
Type Magic
Derived Magic
Element Ice
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 11
Anime Debut 13
I'll just make an Ice Cylinder under my feet, kick off it and fly back up there. I can do that right? Of course I can! I'm immortal, I can do whatever I want!

Free, Episode 13

Ice Pillar (氷柱体, Hyōchūtai; called Ice Cylinder in the English dub) is a technique in which Free creates a large pillar constructed from ice to arise from a specific area almost instantly. It can be used to inflict greater amounts of damage to the enemy by forcing them to collide into it, which is an easy feat due to Free's significant strength in either of his forms. In it's first instance it is used to cause this very simple effect, by producing a single pillar to appear from the ground along the path in which his opponent, Maka, had been knocked flying in previously. He can also apparently use an Ice Pillar as footholds that he can kick off from to reach higher ground. He tries to demonstrate this attack in the same fight against Soul and Maka, but ends up failing due to him being 'rusty' with his magic and ends up encasing himself in ice.

However, later in the series Free uses a variation of this attack that causes numerous examples of these Ice Pillars to emerge around the enemy, severely restricting their movement to the extent of completely trapping them. This occurrence is used to counter the extreme speed of Mosquito's Form from 200 years ago, by summoning six pillars in an instant, proving Free has (now) a great amount of control over the ability. This example not only demonstrates the speed in which this spell can be cast but also the fact that the technique can be used upon almost on any surface, as these pillars manage to erupt horizontally on a wall and even in mid-air. At this point it is unknown to the exact reason why Free is capable of summoning more than one pillar. It could be simply that in its first usage only a single pillar had been required or that Free had later regained the needed control over his magic to use the ability to such an extent.

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