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The Hunt Arc is the twenty-first named arc within the manga Soul Eater. During this arc, Maka Albarn and the recently returned Tezca Tlipoca reveal where Asura has been hiding. While members of Spartoi begin their hunt for Crona, now ordered by Death to be executed, Death the Kid and the Thompsons join the remaining Death Scythes for a mission on the Moon.

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Maka Albarn and Black☆Star join in a whale hunting expedition. After Maka senses madness seeming to come from the sky above, she receives news that Death has issued a death warrant onto Crona.

Look Up and You'll See HimEdit

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As the members of Spartoi debate whether to follow Death's order to execute Crona, Maka Albarn's search for Crona's soul reveals the location of a potentially more dangerous opponent.


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Spartoi, Death Scythes, and DWMA staff prepare for their missions to the Moon and to execute Crona. Maka races against time to locate Crona, and she finds that assistance indirectly from her father.

Notable InstancesEdit

  • Maka Albarn, using Soul Perception in resonance with her Death Scythe Soul Eater, senses Madness of Fear in the sky. Later, she discovers Asura is hiding on the Moon. Asura's location had been foreshadowed in, among other Story Arcs, the Salvage Arc and the Mad Blood Arc, where Justin looks to the Moon as he prays to Asura.
  • Death orders all Death Scythes, along with Kid and the Thompsons, to go to the Moon to defeat Asura.
  • Tezca Tlipoca is revealed to have survived his fight against Justin, appearing now as a Disembodied Living Soul within the Death Room Mirror.
  • Death finally welcomes the last Death Scythes who have yet to appear in the series: Jinn Galland and Dengu Dinga. Their meisters, Zubaidah and Alexandre, will premiere in the next arc.
  • The members of Spartoi begin to argue among themselves whether they should follow Death's orders. Ultimately, Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki will remove their badges of Spartoi in order to defy Death's order to kill Crona.
  • As well, these arguments between the members of Spartoi initiate arguments between Kim and Harvar, the former sympathizing with Crona out of her own fears that being a witch would lead to her execution as well, which will be brought up again in the next arc.
  • Kid's realization that Death allows persons free will to come to their own decisions foreshadows Kid's similar realization that his father put his faith into Kid to assume the full powers of a Shinigami, despite the risk that he could become a Kishin like his fellow fragment, Asura.
  • Death and Spirit discuss that they know Kid will assume his full Shinigami abilities, meaning that Death will die. All of these assumptions are proven correct by the manga's final arc.
  • Fearing that he may die during this mission to the Moon, Spirit offers his ex-wife's wedding band to Maka. The manga's last arc teases the chance that Spirit will die, as he and colleagues seem to be swallowed by the Black Blood on the Moon. However, they are saved at the last moment by a Spatial Magic performed by Maba and the Witch Judge.
  • After their introduction in Soul Eater NOT!, Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore become the first characters from that manga to appear in the first manga. As they were in NOT! the duo are still E.A.T. Intelligence Officers within the DWMA, working under Sid Barett.
  • Gen and the engineers at the DWMA are introduced, as well as their creation to fly to the Moon, the Demon Airship. The next arc reveals how the Airship was constructed from the Eternal Spring and other Demon Tools. This machine will be used by the DWMA until its destruction by Asura's Clown Army in a later arc.
  • Marie’s worry for Stein’s potential approaching death may take on a darker tone, depending on when Marie first learned that she was pregnant with Stein’s child.


  • Black☆Star and Kid’s debate about an absolute order may be inspired by their previous debate with each other and the Black Mass in the Book of Eibon regarding whether justice can be taken too far. In this chapter, Kid considers whether the justice of his father’s order is immutable—and whether taking that justice too far is a sin, or at least too severe an approach to dealing with Crona.
  • Harvar claims the members of Spartoi, as well as the DWMA as a whole, come from different nationalities and ethnicities. Black☆Star and Tsubaki are confirmed to be Japanese; Maka is confirmed to be Japanese on her mother’s side; Kim is a witch; but the nationalities and ethnicities of the remaining members of Spartoi are up for debate.
  • Kid and Harvar’s remarks about a desire to determine how to follow orders while being flexible sounds similar to Kid’s comments about balance: the two students are trying to determine how to balance strict adherence against flexibility.
  • Maka’s search for Crona takes her through numerous locations the characters have visited since the very beginning of the manga: London (Chapter 0.1), Blair’s house (Chapter 0.1), Demon Castle Cinder (Chapter 0.2), a site of Lupin’s thievery (Chapter 0.3), Gallows Mansion (Chapter 0.3), Hook Cemetery (Chapter 1), Patchwork Laboratory (Chapter 1), The Eternal Cave (Chapter 6), the Village of Shin (Chapter 7), the Underground path to the Kishin Shrine (Chapter 15), the Sahara Desert (Chapter 30), Lost Island (Chapter 34), Joe Buttataki’s Internal Investigation office (Chapter 37), the Amazon (Chapter 46) and the remains of Baba Yaga Castle (Chapter 61), Tsubaki's village in Japan (Chapter 50), the DWMA East Asian Branch (Chapter 61), Noah's Base (Chapter 62), the cliffs where Maka first battled Gopher (Chapter 64), Medusa's lair in Central Africa (Chapter 66), New York City (Chapter 78), and Russia (Chapter 82). In some cases, the images look almost exactly like the panels from the original chapter. Appropriate for how overwhelming a presence the annoying Excalibur is, the Eternal Cavern appears at least three times in the two-page layout.
  • Sid's left arm now boasts stitched markings since it was ripped off during a battle against Noah. The arm below those stitches seems to be a different color as well. How Sid regained an arm, and whether that arm is his own or a substitute, is not apparent, although the noticeable stitches may indicate that Stein, as he did with Soul and as he did to himself, performed the surgery.
  • The splash page to Chapter 90 features a Kishin-inspired revision of the Soul Eater logo, as well as the caption "The Dark Side of the Moon," an allusion not only to the Pink Floyd song but foreshadowing the title to later chapters of the manga.
  • Another reference to 42 appears on the Demon Airship.