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House Yngling[1] is a incredibly powerful and wealthy family and an ally of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[2]




Influence & Wealth

Comments from Clay Sizemore suggest House Yngling is powerfully influential, shown when he explained to Anya that DWMA was in an agreement with an entire country on protecting Anya and should she ever find herself in present danger to return to her country and warranted having E.A.T students in the DWMA-CIA secretly enroll in the N.O.T cirriculum to protect her.[3]

The family is also extremely wealthy, as apparent by the attire and clothes Anya tends to wear, with a common person like Tsugumi Harudori commenting she looks like a princess. Even Liz Thompson noticed she must come from a wealthy upbringing and berated her because of it.

Fighting Traditions

Main article: Royal Karate Despite being a influential family, the House Yngling is can also seem as somewhat cautious. When confronting a Prototype Traitor, Anya revealed that she was taught Royal Karate from home, a Martial Way exclusively known to the Yngling Family.[4] This not only extends to the family members but even the servants and butlers, as Alfred himself is also skilled in the Martial Way.[5]

In addition, Anya is known to employ the usage of Tsugumi's weapon form with extreme proficiency, owing this due to her spear training she apparently received at her home along with her Royal Karate and owing her proficient in physical combat to her training.

Members of House Yngling

Name Rank Status
King YnglingKingActive
Queen YnglingQueenActive
Anastasia YnglingPrincessActive


  • The Ynglings were a Scandinavian dynasty descended from the Norse God Freyr. Although early Yngling Kings were likely mythological, later kings of the line may have actually ruled parts of Sweden and, later, Norway. One early text that references the Ynglings is the Old English Poem , Beowulf, written as early as 800BCE.[6]


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