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English Title Hoshino
Katakana 星野
Alternate Title(s)
Head Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Status Active
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 42 (NOT!)
Anime Debut

The Hoshino (星野) family is the family of the DWMA student, Ao Hoshino, that is assumed to be from. Not much is known about this particular family and how exactly they're connected to either the Star Clan and the Hoshi Family.[1]


Naming Tradition

Ao Hoshino Portait

Ao Hoshino's Star Eyes.

As evident by "Ao Hoshino", the family seems to follow some sort of naming format much similar to it's related counterparts such as the Star Clan and the Hoshi. Much like the Hoshi, the first name given means a color in japanese. Unlike the other related people, however, they do not have a stylization of the star in the middle. The surname, Hoshino, also means "star field".[1]

Light Eyes

Main article: Light As observed by Ao Hoshino, the Light's star appear inside the pupil itself, much like that of the Star Clan's.[1] However, much like that of the Hoshi however, the stars within the eyes are set permanently on the pupil.[1]



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