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Hoshi Dojo, Japan




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Chapter 6 (NOT!)

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Episode 4 (NOT!)

The Hoshi (星, Hoshi) are a family that owns a dojo in which teaches the the Old Ways.[1]


At some point in history, the Star Clan was a branch that originated from the the Hoshi family. They would later split themselves from the Hoshi family, causing havoc by killing anyone for money and was as a result, killed for their actions by Death Weapon Meister Academy. Since then, although they passed, those related to the Star Clan were hinted to face discrimination, prompting it's members such as Akane to wear special glasses to suppress the Light trait.[1]


Naming Tradition

The family, like that of the Star Clan and the Hoshino Family, seem to follow some sort of naming tradition. Seen with "Akane☆Hoshi", the family seemingly associates themselves with a first name in which means some sort of color in japanese, followed by a stylization of the Star in the middle, as well as their last name, in which means "Star".[2]

Family's Special Skills

Main articles: Old Ways and Soul Menace

Episode 4 (NOT!) - Hoshi Family (Akane) members training

Hoshi Family members training.

The Old Ways (古武術, Ko Bujutsu; FUNimation "Ancient Martial Arts") is a art of the martial way practiced by the Hoshi family and presumably the Star Clan. The martial art seems to emphasize using the palms and chops to quickly incapacitate opponents, though shoulder attacks, kicks, and punches can be used. The martial art also seemingly revolves around taking down an opponent as quickly as possible.[3]

The Hoshi Family is also well-known for their own practice of using their Soul Wavelength offensively, with a technique known as Soul Menace (魂威, Kon'i; FUNimation "Soul Force").[4]

Light Eyes

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Episode 4 (NOT!) - Akane's eyes

Akane's Light eyes.

The Hoshi Family is one of the few families that sport the Light eyes, a trait in which gives an individual a pupil shaped as a star. As witnessed with Akane☆Hoshi, this seems to appear only on the left eye and only half a star is seen.[5] In addition, the star rests on the eye permanently, requiring special glasses to conceal the star within the eye.[1]


Star Clan

Episode 10 - Star Clan killing people

Star Clan

The Star Clan (星の一族, Hoshi no Ichizoku; lit. "Clan of the Star") was formerly a infamous clan of assassins that would do anything for money. Originating from the Hoshi Family Dojo. The Clan made themselves known throughout the world, terorrizing various villages including the likes of the Needle Village, earning hatred among various people. They were killed off by DWMA thirteen years prior when they broke the rules established by the aforementioned organization and were exterminated, leaving Black☆Star the last living survivor of the clan.[6][7][8]

Members of the Hoshi Family

Name Rank Status
Akane's ParentsPatriarch and MatriarchActive
Unnamed MemberAnimeMemberActive
Unnamed MemberAnimeMemberActive
Unnamed MemberAnimeMemberActive
Unnamed MemberAnimeMemberActive
Unnamed MemberAnimeMemberActive


  • Currently, the Hoshi family and it's relation to the Hoshino family is unknown, though presumably related to the Hoshi family in some manner due to them also sporting the genetic Light eyes trait.
  • Atsushi Ōkubo later created the character Rekka Hoshimiya, for his subsequent manga series Fire Brigade of Flames. Like members of the Hoshi Family, the Hoshino Family, and the Star Clan, Rekka has a surname, "Hoshimiya" (星宮, "star shine") that alludes to stars, and has star shapes in his eyes. Also like Black☆Star and Akane Hoshi, Rekka prefers hand-to-hand combat and, initially, has an outgoing personality.


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