The Hoshi Family Dojo is a special school that notable for employing and teaching the Old Ways and assassination.[1]




Main article: Old Ways The dojo is known for practicing martial arts meant for killing, labelled as the Old Ways (古武術, Ko Bujutsu; FUNimation "Ancient Martial Arts") as well as assassination skills. These teaching are applied to not only the main family dojo but it's branches as well.[1]Main article: Old Ways

Naming TraditionEdit

Like that of the Star Clan and the Hoshino Family, those born in the Dojo seem to follow some sort of naming tradition. Seen with "Akane☆Hoshi", the family seemingly associates themselves with a first name in which means some sort of color in japanese, followed by a stylization of the Star in the middle, as well as their last name, in which means "Star".[2]


Star ClanEdit

Main article: Star Clan

Star Clan (Anime - Episode 10) - (1)

The Star Clan (星の一族, Hoshi no Ichizoku; lit. "Clan of the Star") was formerly a infamous clan of assassins that would do anything for money. A branch from the Hoshi Family Dojo the clan made themselves known throughout the world by terrorizing various villages including the likes of the Needle Village, earning hatred among various people. They were killed off by DWMA thirteen years prior when they broke the rules established by the aforementioned organization and were exterminated, leaving Black☆Star the last living survivor of the clan.[3][4][5]

Hoshino Family OffshootEdit

Presumbably within the dojo lies a branch of a relatively unknown family that bears the "Hoshino" (星野) surname. This offsoot seems to follow the same naming format much similar to it's related counterpart,s the first name given means a color in japanese. Unlike the other related people, however, they do not have a stylization of the star in the middle.[6]

This offshoot also possess the Light trait, manifesting in both eyes in a constant state.[6]

List of membersEdit

Name Branch Status
Akane☆HoshiHoshi Family DojoActive
Akane's MotherHoshi Family DojoActive
Akane's FatherHoshi Family DojoActive
Ao HoshinoHoshino Family BranchActive


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