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Holy Jūji-Shūtō
Holy Cross Chop





Justin Law

Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 26

Anime Debut

Episode 27

Holy Cross Chop (Saint Cross-Knife in the Funimation English dub) is one of the various melee techniques used by the autonomous Death Scythe, Justin Law. He first demonstrated this technique when he attacked Giriko by surprise.


With this technique, Justin Law initially causes the guillotine blade of his weapon form to extend outwards from the forearm of his right arm; he then proceeds to perform a powerful vertical strike, followed immediately by an equally devastating horizontal swipe. The resulting "trails" produced by the two slashes, creates the form of a significantly bright and large white cross.

In the technique's first demonstration, Giriko remarks that if he had been even a little late in wrapping the chain of his weapon form around his body, he would have been killed. This only serves to signify the potential destructive force this attack is capable of inflicting.

Trivia Edit

  • As with much of Justin's appearance and theme, the Holy Cross is an important symbol in Catholicism.

References Edit

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