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Seiyū (Japanese)

  • Hiro Shimono
Voiced by (English)

  • Zach C. Bolton
Gender Male
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Classification Meister
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Hiro (ヒーロ, Hīro) is a character that appeared only in the special chapter within the Soul Eater manga and a single episode of the anime.


Hiro in the manga being perverted


Practice Dummy Hiro

Hiro "helps" Black Star demonstrate his new technique

As a student Hiro is regarded as an incompetent meister which has effectively segregated him from the rest of the student body.

He also has a rather docile and passive attitude, that has resulted in him being always ordered around by the other students in the school; some having him buy things for them and run other errands, while Black Star uses him specially for practicing various types of strangulation and choke hold techniques.  Also, as he spoke and then started laughing at the imaginating of life without erranding, a fellow student threw a book at his head, knocking him out of his chair and then telling him to quiet down.

However, this compliant personality changes when Hiro manages to weild Excalibur successfully.  His personality seems to take on a more proud, yet quite arrogant nature.  At first, this is frowned upon by the other students, including Maka and Soul.  Maka states that Hiro seems 'over-confident', with Soul agreeing and seeming unimpressed.  

When Hiro completes the 1000 provisions, the students take this into consideration and praise him as he struts down the hallway.  Displays of his arrogance can be in his conversation with Black Star, degrading him, claiming that he was unable to weild Excalibur yet Hiro was.   In spite of his egotistical actions, this shouldn't be mistaken for the proudness he felt after completing the 1000 clauses.  As he is usually frowned upon, he was able to be respected for a short while, something that he has probably never experienced at Shibusen.  

He is also quite a pervert, blowing up girls' skirts, an example being Kim and Jacqueline.  In his manga chapter, he also gropes Kim straight after blowing her skirt up.  He did this to those two in particular as they also used him as an errand boy, demanding him to buy their drinks and food.  In addition to these acts, him standing around the girls' locker room whilst they were changing, smug about his new found power to peep, is yet another prime example, of course this was solely because he did not fear the girls' wrath at the time.
Hiro peep

Hiro peeping

However; despite all these numerous flaws, Hiro is attributed with a considerable strength of will, demonstrated simply by the fact that he was able to stand the intolerable Excalibur for the longest period of any character in the present. Hiro is also thought to be a germaphobe, due to the fact that he can't stand sneezing, claiming that it is disgusting and even stating it would be better if the Holy Sword was dead.


Hiro's appearance is close to that of a bishōnen, and Maka notes that "Hiro could surely become popular if he transfered to a normal school but [in Shibusen], he's too shabby". His facial features include bright turquoise eyes and mid-length blonde hair.

His clothes consist of a white shirt, that he only buttons in the middle and embelished with three golden circles upon its right side, also featuring two interconnected straps hanging downwards from the shoulders onto his back. This is worn with burgundy/light purple pants with a black linear pattern, held up by a white belt. A black studded collar encircles his neck and a black tie is also included but it is worn extremely loosely.

Hiro also has various ear piercings, three silver loops on his left ear, yet on the right he sports only two silver loops and a red stud.  Hiro also wears a ring on the medius finger of his left hand.  


Hiro the Atomic

Hiro the Atomic

Hiro's abilities are only usable with Excalibur but due to the weapons legendary status and power, each technique performed is a remarkable and almost miraculous feat, that even Death Scythes would have problems contending with, despite Hiro's typical ineptitude.

  • Wings of Light: An ability that instantly fabricates two glowing wings constructed entirely from light on Hiro's back, which are capable of achieving extreme velocities, that easily exceed Black Star's and most other meisters' reaction times.
  • Teleportation/Light Speed Movement: An unnamed skill that allows Hiro to apparently travel between locations instantaneously, leaving an after-image at his original destination. The exact process used to achieve this effect wasn't clearly defined but it can be assumed that it either teleports the user or provides them with the means to move at the speed of light.
  • "Hiro the Atomic": With a single slash Hiro causes all of his opponents to simultaneously explode, resulting in a blast of significant force occurring in the immediate area. The process involved in this technique happens at such speed, that to most observers there was no apparent attack conducted, with the opponents simply crashing to the ground for seemingly no reason at all.



Main article: Excalibur The Legendary, or Holy Sword that is said to be so unbearable, few can ever truly be said to be able to wield its full power. This stems largely from the 1000 daily tasks Excalibur demands from its meister and its incessant babbling, typically surrounding its past. However, Hiro's resolve to change his life was enough to not only conduct all these rules without fail but to also relish in a considerable amount of them. In time he managed to adjust to the entire rule book and be admired by his peers until Excalibur started his sneezing fits, where the relationship became a casual I annoy you, you hate me with a burning passion as in all other Excalibur relations.

Black Star

Main article: Black Star The pair share an unusual relationship, if it can even be referred to as such, in that Black Star makes use of Hiro much like a living practice dummy in order to perfect any of his new techniques. After giving up Excalibur, Hiro and Black Star's relationship seems to have improved a little, as Black Star can be seen actually conversing with him rather than immediately testing his new techniques on him.


Ox seems to exhibit hate towards Hiro, soley for the action of  blowing up Kim's skirt and groping her.  Also, the reason that Ox could not withstand Excalibur and the fact Hiro could angers him.  Ox claims that Hiro is a 'perpetual failure', yet when Hiro finally gets the attention and praise from the other students, Ox shouts in frustration, "How could this happen to Hiro of all people?  It can't be true."  This implies slight jealously at the fact Hiro has managed to complete the 1000 provisions with no trouble whatsoever, those said tasks being impossible for Ox to stand.

The rest of the students

Used by other, more capable students as an errand boy. Once he gains control of Excalibur however he gains the scorn of girls throughout by blatantly acting perverted towards them, especially since he used his new found power to stand around in the girls locker room while they were changing.

Part in the Story

The Legend of the Holy Sword

After discovering Excalibur’s book within the confines of Shibusen's library, Hiro envisions himself becoming a hero through wielding Excalibur's power, hopefully resulting in no one picking on him anymore. As he proceeds around the school's grounds, he eventually meets with Black Star who insists that Hiro become his practice dummy, caring little for Hiro's actual reply. Even after this preceeding beating, more students place further demands upon Hiro, strengthening his resolve to possess the holy sword.

The following day and numerous defeated unconscious bodies litter the front of Shibusen, as Hiro stands over them muttering that they got what they deserved. It appears that in his quest to rid himself of "[his] life where he cannot say 'no'", Hiro has managed to successfully wield Excalibur. Where everyone finds Excalibur's traits extremely annoying Hiro actually finds them enjoyable and follows every 1000 rules (even taking notes during the 5 hour story time). A battle ensues pitting Hiro against the combined forces of Black Star, Kilik and Death the Kid. While he is wielding Excalibur (reborn as he called it), Hiro referred to himself as "..the courageous Hero... 'Hiro the Brave'".

However, Hiro put Excalibur back after he found that he couldn't stand his excessive sneezing.


  • As part of his 172nd task Excalibur cut Hiro's hair and gave him a topknot.
  • Hiro shares his first name with that of his seiyū, or Japanese voice actor.
  • Hiro can be seen in earlier episodes with the rest of the class, though he is never mentioned by name.

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