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Hero's Apartment is the residence in which Hero lives (and for a short time, Excalibur).[1]



Soul Eater Episode 32 HD - Excalibur on Hero's balcony (2)

Hero's apartment balcony

Hero's apartment complex is a larger building than Maka and Soul's and looks more ordered, with no parts of the building jutting out. It has a unique structure, with a large chimney at the top and a strange wing-like extension on the right side, similar to the three extensions jutting out of the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Spires similar to those from the Academy can be seen in the distance from the balcony of Hero's apartment, suggesting his apartment has a view of the school.[1]


Soul Eater Episode 32 HD - Hero showers

Hero's shower.

Hero's apartment appears quite spacious and luxurious. The living room has a flat-screen television with external speakers, a ceiling fan, a potted plant, a bookshelf, and a large balcony. The balcony is decorated with potted plants and patio furniture with a tea set. The bathroom includes a bathtub, a showerhead, a towel rack, and a window with a curtain.[1]


  • Noise from Hero's apartment can be heard all the way from Maka and Soul's apartment.[1]


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