The Healing Wavelength (ヒーリング波長, Hīringu hachō) is a rare and unique wavelength in which specializes in healing, as the namesake implies. Only one character within the series sports this wavelength.


The wavelength, seemingly to belonging exclusively to those of Demon Weapons, has a calming effect on individuals who're able to achieve soul resonance with the said weapon,[1] which contrasts to the Anti-Demon Wavelength's ability to repel Madness. This allows the weapon the ability to keep the Madness within an individual at bay.[2] In the anime, this is shown to even lift the curse placed on Stein by Medusa[3]

The Healing Wavelength in the anime is represented by yellow-like golden light in which seems to be emitted from the hands and can spread into the entire body.[3] This wavelength enables a user to even enter the soul of an individual and heal whatever is needed.[3]

Carriers of the Healing WavelengthEdit


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