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Hassō-no-kamae (八相(八双)の構?, "all (eight) directions") is one of the five stances in kendo along with Waki-gamae.


It is an offensive stance, named for one's ability to respond to a situation in any direction. In hassō-no-kamae, the left foot is forward, and the sword is held pointing upright with the hilt in front of the right shoulder. The blade should slope slightly to the rear. When cutting, the sword is raised above the head.

Mifune adopted this stance in retaliation to Black☆Star utilizing the Waki-gamae stance against him to counter his Infinite One-Sword Style and Jumbled Lineup technique. It can be assumed that along with Mifune, Black Star and Sid Barrett know this stance since both practice kendo and are knowledgeable about such stances.[1]

Practitioners of Hassō-no-kamaeEdit


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