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Harvar D. Éclair

Harvar as he appears in the Soul Eater series.

Name Harvar D. Éclair
Alias/Nicknames The Lightning Spear
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Hair Color Brown
Race Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Weapon2Demon Weapon
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 The DWMA
Occupation(s) Student
Residence Death City
Teams/Group Spartoi
Meister Partner(s) Ox Ford
Real World Data
Voice Actor(s)/Seiyu Wataru Hatano (Japanese)
Scott Freeman (English)
Manga Debut N/A
Anime Debut N/A
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Harvar D. Éclair (ハーバー・ド・エクレール, Hābā Do Ekurēru), is Ox's partner and a fellow student in the Death Weapon Meister Academy. He and Ox are constantly studying, which likely makes them one of the top students — in terms of grades — as well as being considered one of the elite Miesters and Weapons in the academy. Harvar has recently joined with the elite student unit, Spartoi along with his Meister.




Harvar has jaw-length, brown hair that is tied up in a spiky ponytail. He wears a blue shirt with a white collared jacket as a top, coupled with white pants and black shoes. He normally has the collar of his shirt up and closed in his early appearances in the manga; in his later appearances, his top is opened to reveal his undershirt. His most prominent feature is that he wears a red visor, having never been seen without it on, even in Weapon form. This visor also prevents clear view of his eyes; when his eyes are shown, they are brown and almost always seem to be glaring. He also hardly ever smiles.

As of joining Spartoi, Harvar has traded his visor for orange-tinted sunglasses which, unlike his visor, now gives a clearer view of his eyes. He also wears his own version of the Spartoi uniform, consisting of a brownish polo shirt, topped by a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled just above his elbow. He also wears two silver necklaces, with the majority them, alongside his neck, covered by a brown dual-colored, checkered, neckerchief. His attire also consists of a silver bracelet on his right wrist and two earrings — or conch piercings — on each of his ears. He wears the classic Spartoi blue pants and white shoes.

Harvar's soul has not been shown as of yet, but the anime hints that its color could be yellow, befitting his elemental properties. While Harvar is in Weapon form, he takes the form of a gold-colored spear, with the spearhead shaped in the zigzag pattern of a lightning bolt.


Your life is in danger. I have a duty to protect my Meister. If we don't fight, we'll be killed.

Harvar, Chapter 50

Harvar is a studious person along with his partner, Ox, and is academic, and also seems to share his partner's expertise over chess. He likes working hard and training, and dislikes resting, saying that it makes him bored. Like his partner, Harvar likes inputting logical thinking in all situations. Similarly, he also has pride in his ability, calling himself 'the Lightning Spear' at one point, similar to how Ox calls himself 'the Lightning King.'

Unlike Ox though, Harvar is almost coldly logical, always looking at the outcome of certain actions and deducing whether it is worth doing the action or not. This makes him ponder on certain choices, even when his friends are at stake. Despite this, Harvar's cool mind and judgment comes in useful amongst his more hot-tempered team mates such as Kirikou. Even outside battle, he is cool, serious and deadpan.

He is motivated by a strong sense of duty and loyalty, and when it comes to his obligations as a Weapon and the safety of his partner, Ox, he is shown to be highly serious, composed, and extreme, and is ready to put his life on the line to defend his Meister, no matter the cost. This is evident during the infiltration of the Arachnophobia's base at Baba Yaga's castle, when he shields Ox with his own body from Kim's attack. Although always concerned for his safety, Harvar, as a Weapon, still respects his Meister's wishes. He agrees to let Ox fight Kim, despite him being injured.

The downside of his loyalty to his Meister is, that if Ox's life is in danger, he is also willing to attack a friend. He would even go so far as to attack Kim — a former Shibusen student — when she threatens Ox's life, even if she is only brainwashed along with Jacqueline. Here, Harvar is also shown to have a rather inflexible and narrow-minded side, as at first, he denies that they are brainwashed, but that they had been tricking them from the very start. This inflexibility can stem from the common hatred Shibusen students have for Witches. Harvar stabs Kim with the full intent of killing her and knocks out Jacqueline in a rather brutal manner when she attempts to attack Ox. When taking these actions, he shows no remorse or sadness. In battle, he is ruthless and has no mercy, whether his opponent be friend or foe.

Harvar also has a tendency to be extremely merciless and draconic to the point that he actually intimidates his own teammates. This is seen when he callously impales Artifact Soldier Morubi in front of Fire and Thunder; frightening them, Kirikou, Kim and Jacqueline (Ox is a little used to his behavior, but still slightly dismayed). During this same instance, it is shown that he is more focused on completing his mission and eliminating all enemies than on celebrating the fact that they had all managed to regroup with each other after being separated. He seems to be unable almost, to feel or pick up on certain emotions. He does not seem to be bothered by the fact that he can be intimidating to his friends, nor does he seem to notice.

Because of his rather emotionless personality, Kirikou describes Harvar as 'dry to a fault.' However, his lack of emotions actually proves to be a great defense against madness. Kirikou's choice of words also gives off the impression that Harvar has had this personality for quite some time.

Harvar has rarely been seen smiling, with the only noticeable time he does being towards a captured Eruka who is forced to use her magic to aid Shibusen. He tells her the collar around her neck will explode should she make any funny moves. This moment of mean-spiritedness suggests a sadistic side of him towards his enemies.

Despite his rather cold and emotionless personality, Harvar does show that he can care for his partner and friends. Looking past his obligations and tough demeanor, it is shown that he genuinely cares for Ox and his well-being. He calls Kim selfish whilst telling her that Ox of all people would never wish to fight her, when she attempts to play at Ox's feelings. Despite his hatred of Witches, when he finds that Kim and Jacqueline are not evil, he later accepts them back in Shibusen. He has the capacity to understand the good in people, despite his coldness. He has also shown a lighter, more comedic side to him. He is seen with Ox and Kirikou without their shirts on, when Maka and Soul return from their mission — though Harvar just has his top unbuttoned, sans undershirt. During Ox's retelling of how his mission had went, Harvar is shown alongside Kirikou, Ox, and both Fire and Thunder in a flashback dancing naked with The Wrath Giant.[1] This is also one of the rarest times Harvar is seen genuinely smiling.


Although some people are afraid of and slightly wary of Harvar due to his personality, he still gets along well with his friends as they all know that deep down, he is still a reliable and dependable friend. He is also considered one of the elites of the Shibusen due to his grades and ability.


Harvar has shown to be extremely protective and loyal to his partner Ox. He claims that he has a duty to protect his Meister, and Harvar is willing to do anything, whether it be risking his life or attacking even a former comrade, to ensure his safety. However, Harvar also respects Ox's judgment, and follows any of his commands, even if it goes against his own wishes. Although at first his protectiveness over Ox seems to stem from a strong sense of duty, it is seen that Harvar does care for Ox as a friend, referring to him with the friendly suffix 'kun.' He understands Ox's feelings for Kim quite well and supports him along with Kirikou, and also seems to comprehend Ox's eccentricity (such as his hairstyle). The two seem to get along well and share the same hobby, with the only recognizable strife between them being Harvar's brutal and no-nonsense personality.


Harvar has limited interaction with Kirikou, but like Ox, probably disapproves some of his hotheaded methods of solving things. However, he is aware that Kirikou is a kind and dependable friend, and when Kirikou lets he and Ox go to search for Kim in Baba Yaga's Castle, Harvar comments, 'He's a nice person, isn't he Ox?'
Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder
Harvar does not seem to feel much for the small twin Weapons, not even attempting to hide his brutality in front of them, which consequently makes the two fear him.
Harvar understands Ox's feelings for Kim, and thus sees her as a friend. However, this view becomes skewed as soon as he learns that Kim is a Witch, in which his hatred for them leads him to treat Kim as an enemy and nothing else. He even does not think that Kim and Jacqueline are brainwashed when the two attack Ox in Baba Yaga's Castle, saying that Kim had been deceiving them from the very start, as she is a Witch. However, despite this, after Kim is freed from her mind-control and accepted back into Shibusen, Harvar accepts her also, which implies that their friendship is more or less re-established.
Much like Kim, Harvar treats Jacqueline as evil as soon as she and Kim attack Ox and him in Baba Yaga's Castle. However, Harvar seems to show a bit more mercy to Jacqueline despite this, as he gives Jacqueline the opportunity to surrender after 'killing' Kim. He still does not hold back though when Jacqueline continues to fight after Kim returns to normal, although arguably, he only knocks her unconscious this time, and even carries her back to the Moral Manipulation Machine to return her to normal, showing that he at least senses that Jacqueline is a friend.
Black Star
Harvar expresses a dislike towards Black Star, which is not much of a surprise due to their completely different personalities and contrasting thoughts.


Harvar's weapon from

Harvar's Weapon form.

Demon Weapon—Spear: Harvar can transform into a Demon Lightning Spear. He can also change a part of his body into his Weapon form, shown when he can transform his right arm into the zigzag lightning bolt-shaped spearhead of his Weapon form.

Skilled Combatant: Rather impressive for a Weapon, Harvar has great speed and combat skills. This, accompanied with his ruthlessness and his lack of mercy to all opponents, makes him a deadly threat, even without his Meister wielding him.

Lightning Generation: Harvar also has the ability to generate electricity, when he is in either Weapon or human form. He seems to instinctively do this at times, as electricity sparks around him when he is angered. He can generate strong electric shocks either through physical contact, or he can disperse them into the surrounding atmosphere, making for a good long and short-range attack. The electricity he releases can be strong enough to create shock waves in the air and stun nearby enemies. It can be argued that through direct contact, he can generate enough electricity to kill someone.

Immunity to Insanity: Harvar's lack of emotions actually prove useful in that because of this, he is almost immune to insanity. Even insanity as powerful as Arachne's Insanity Wavelength does not affect him in the slightest. This may be because that due to Harvar's pure conviction for logic and duty, there are no particular weaknesses in his soul for madness to take advantage of.

Part in the Story

Eve's Fight To The Death

Harvar attends the party celebrating the eve of Shibusen's creation with Ox. When all but a few are trapped inside the school through Free's Spatial Magic: Independent Cube, he is in Weapon form and used by Ox in his attempt to break the barrier that Free had created to lock Shinigami inside the room and prevent him from interfering with Medusa's plan. However, they cannot break free.


To combat against Arachne's awakening, Stein starts the class by teaching the students about Chain Resonances. He then calls up Ox and Harvar, Maka and Soul, and Black Star. He begins by explaining the importance of them matching their Soul Wavelengths with others around them, aside from their partner. This team-based Soul Resonance is vital in fighting against Arachnophobia. Stein then tells the students to attack him as a team. Harvar transforms into his Weapon form, Soul into his, and Black Star fights without a weapon. When Ox attempts to attack Stein, he instead accidentally attacks Black Star and subsequently shocks him with Harvar's electric abilities. When Ox tries once more, he again stabs Black Star, who is in the way, and electrifies him, alongside Maka also, who is in contact with Black Star. This angers Black Star, who immediately challenges Ox to a duel. Ox accepts this, and questions Black Star's abilities, believing he could never rival 'The Skilled General Lightning King.' Harvar also expresses his dislike of Black Star, saying that he never really liked him from the start. This only serves to anger Black Star more, who quickly knocks Ox out and sends him flying across the room.

Duel Arts

Harvar is seen in Weapon form along with Ox, Kirikou and their partners, practicing Chain Resonance when Maka runs past them, crying after having a fight with Black Star.


Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, Patti, Kim, Jacqueline, Kirikou, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, Ox and Harvar are all chosen out of the One-Star Miesters and Weapons to assist Shibusen in acquiring the powerful Demon Tool Brew before Arachnophobia in Lost Island. The Demon Tool is located in a large magnetic field in the middle of the island, which is harmful to the human body if one is there for too long. The students' job is to prevent Arachnophobia forces from entering the field whilst Marie and Stein go inside. If they do not return after twenty minutes, they are to retreat.

However, as Arachnophobia troops attack, Harvar, Ox, along with Kirikou, Fire, Thunder, Kim and Jacqueline, lets Maka, Kid, Black Star and their partners go into the field after Stein and Marie who had not returned, whilst they stay behind to fight. Ox and Harvar proves to be a great team, incapacitating large numbers of soldiers, and performing a flawless Chain Resonance with Kirikou, managing to take down a Golem. Soon after, twenty minutes pass, and Kim and Jacqueline go to order the signal for retreat. Ox and Kirikou defend her whilst she does this.

The two Meister and Weapon pairs manage to finally defeat all the soldiers. An exhausted Stein and Marie return from the field, and they approach them, concerned. Marie tries to go back in the field to help Maka and the others, but Stein tells her that the effects of the field do not fade immediately, saying that she will only die needlessly if she goes back. Kirikou and Ox volunteer to go after them. Marie tries to stop them, saying that she will fail all of their grades if they go against her orders. Harvar questions whether it is right to go, worrying for Ox's grades. However Ox asks him why he is indecisive, saying along with Kirikou that there is no need to think for an answer, as helping their friends is what it means to be a Shibusen student.

They enter the field, and meet up with Maka and the others after their battle with Mosquito. Suddenly, the inside of the field explodes. However, Maka and Kid explain that the magnetic field replays the final moments before the explosion that created the field, saying that this is all a hologram. They soon realizes this as the explosion does not hurt them.

They all exit the field to meet Marie and Stein. Marie makes a move to strike them, but then hugs them all, saying that they will all still have a talking-to when they get back. Soon the rest of Shibusen's forces arrive and they all go back to Death City. Overall, the mission for getting Brew is a failure, as they believe Arachnophobia has got it.


Harvar is seen with Ox once he comes back to Kirikou with a somewhat depressed look on his face. Kirikou asks about Kim and of Ox's plan to ask her to accompany him on a mission. Ox replies that Kim had declined and told him she'd never be seen with someone with a ridiculous hairstyle as himself. Kirikou recommends shaving it off. Ox declines, stating that, even if the woman he loves detests them, he still cannot allow his two towers to be broken, as it is those two towers that gives him the knowledge to save his friends, and the power to protect the ones he loves - the thunder that inspires him. He then goes on that Kim turns away from him, not because his hairstyle is strange, but because they are not polished enough. Harvar is seen nodding in agreement. In the end, Kirikou and Ox, along with their partners, agree to go on a mission together to stop the Wrath Giant.


Harvar is with a shirtless Ox and Kirikou once Maka and Soul return from their mission. When Soul asks why they are shirtless, Kirikou replies that, while they are on their mission of dealing with the giant (a flashback shows a shirtless Ox and Harvar confronting the giant, whilst Harvar and the Pots sit by and watch), they eventually all ended up befriending the giant and dancing around a campfire. Ox soon senses Kim coming to Shibusen, though, when he greets her, he is completely ignored. Once Kim and Jacqueline land, they are soon surrounded by officials, which leave a confused look on Harvar and Maka. Harvar, along with the other Shibusen students, watches Kim and Jacqueline run away out of fear.


Harvar is there with the others close to Kim when Neigus reveals that Kim is a Witch. Later on, Harvar is shocked to find Ox on the floor, in the shower, after he had been beaten up by other students for defending Kim.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

Harvar attacks Kim

Harvar does not hesitate to attack a former comrade.

Harvar and Ox are called upon by Sid along with Soul, Maka, Kirikou and their partners. They hear that they had found Arachnophobia's main headquarters, but are then told that the person who they have to work with is Medusa, who had also blown Kim's cover. Maka, along with a reluctant Soul, agree to take on the mission, and Ox, Harvar, Kirikou and his partners also join in.

They, along with Kid, Liz and Patti, meet up with Medusa and trek through the Amazon Rainforest to Baba Yaga's Castle. On the way, they meet a squid(?), a normal animal that had mutated with the magic polluting the area due to Arachnophobia's Demon Tool manufacturing. Medusa briefly assists Ox and Harvar by pulling him out of the squid(?)'s attack with Vector Plate. Seeing that no attacks seem to harm it, Medusa uses Analysis Disassemble to peel apart the magic coating protecting the creature, and Kirikou defeats it using Triple F powered up by Vector Boost.

Later, the group go into a tunnel, where they meet with one of the disguised Mizune. Medusa hears from the Mizune that Kim and Jacqueline are in Arachnophobia. Medusa explains that Arachne can make almost anyone join her by tempting them with her words.

Continuing down the tunnel, they meet up with Eruca, who gives them Arachnophobia uniforms to disguise themselves in. The group finally infiltrate the castle. However, because everyone is wearing the exact same uniform (although Ox has his two pillars of hair still prominent in the uniform), they cannot tell who is who and are briefly separated. Ox, Harvar and Kirikou end up having to entertain Mosquito with a game of chess. Ox realizes that he is really weak at chess, and wonders if he should just beat him at the game, but Harvar convinces him not to. Kirikou is almost found out as Fire and Thunder fight in his uniform, but thankfully, Mosquito only mistakes him for a new Artifact Soldier.

After a while, all of the students manage to reunite, and everyone (including Harvar, quite humorously) and the others all embrace Medusa in joy as they finally find her. Medusa states that she was doing some preparations for the invasion and executes their initial invasion plan. Arachne's room is sealed with eight Locks. Each of the castle's towers that look like the legs of a spider contain one Lock. The students are told to destroy two Locks, whilst her own forces will destroy the rest. She, Maka and Soul will head towards Arachne's room. She uses Vector Conduct on Ox, Kirikou, and Kid to help them find the Locks.

Ox, Harvar, Kirikou, Fire and Thunder go on towards the Lock, seeing a couple of Arachnophobia members in lab coats, talking on how the Moral Manipulation Machine had become a success. Ox suddenly picks up Kim's Soul Wavelength. Kirikou encourages Ox to go after her, saying that he will take care of the Lock. Ox, thankful, does so. As they leave, Harvar states that Kirikou is a nice person, but both are slightly dismayed when Kirikou shouts at them to cheer them on, fearing that their cover will be blown.

The two enter a strange room full of steam that seems to have the same effect of cannabis. They meet some dazed Arachnophobia soldiers, and later, the two split up to look for Kim.

When Harvar finally reunites with Ox, he enters the scene, only to find Ox, bloody and on the floor, at the hands of Kim. Ox tells him to be careful as Kim and Jacqueline seem to be controlled by something. Harvar, however, refuses to believe him, saying that Kim was tricking them from the start, saying that she is a Witch through and through. Realizing Ox's critical condition, he prepares to attack Kim in order to protect his Meister, despite Ox's protest.

Harvar manages to stab Kim, killing her, much to Ox's sadness. Harvar gives Jacqueline a chance to surrender, as her Meister is dead. Ox still tries to save Kim by attempting to use first aid on her wound, but Harvar says that it is too late for Kim, and it is more important to attend to his wounds, but then the two are startled as Kim's wound is gone. She wakes up and kicks him away, and Ox and Harvar wonder why she is still alive. They then realize that Kim is a Tanuki Witch, and that she is a master of Regeneration Magic. Ox says that she is indeed an angel, and Kim agrees that she is different from most Witches, which is why she had suffered so much. Using Jacqueline, she blasts fire at them, but Harvar manages to shield Ox from the blast. Harvar tries to kill Kim again before she can use her magic, but Ox tells him that he will fight. Harvar protests at first, but when he finds that Ox is unmoved, transforms into his Weapon form. Kim criticizes Ox, saying that in the end, even he will turn against her. Harvar tells her not to be selfish, as Ox of all people does not want to do this.

Whilst fighting, Kim explains that Witches born with destructive magic go through what is known as the Sway of Magic as they get older, in which they become destructive in nature as well. But because she had been given with restorative magic and not destructive, she is not under the Sway of Magic, and because of that she could neither be accepted in the Witch community or in Shibusen. She attacks with Wollantern, which Ox cannot dodge due to his injury. Harvar tells Ox that he must fight back or he will die. Ox explains that Shibusen is willing to accept her, but Kim denies this. She says that she is finally able to feel like she belongs somewhere after joining Arachnophobia and having the Moral Manipulation Machine used on her. Ox questions on why she is crying then. She says that as a Witch, she cannot change, just as Ox cannot change his hairstyle. Ox replies to this by putting down Harvar, and says that people can change, saying that Kim being a Witch does not matter. He snaps his hairstyle in two, (the effort and strength needed to do such an act widens his wound, much to Harvar's concern) promising her that he will make a place where she can belong. After being shown his undying love for her, Kim finally manages to return to normal, and bursts into tears.

Jacqueline, still under the effects of the Moral Manipulation Machine, tries to attack but is incapacitated by Harvar, who proposes that they return her to normal. Kim, realizing Ox's wound, heals him, and also restores his hair, kissing him on the nose as she does so, leading to them both blushing furiously. Harvar does not notice this, and wonders why they are both bright red, but does not seem to mind that much.

After restoring Jacqueline's morality, they all go and assist Kirikou. Harvar rather heartlessly stabs Artifact Soldier: Morubi (the Artifact Soldier distracting Fire and Thunder) in the head in front of Fire and Thunder, causing everyone to back away from him in fear at his ruthlessness. The three Weapon and Meister teams later go on to destroy the Lock they are designated with.

Afterwards, Arachne tries to drag down everyone in the vicinity of the castle into madness, and Ox and his friends are heavily affected by the insanity, apart from Harvar, who is confused by their behavior. In the end, Kirikou has to describe the sensation to him. However, Maka and Soul manages to save everyone, with Soul spreading Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength to everyone.


Harvar is seen, alongside with a battered and bruised Ox, back in the dojo of Shibusen. After Ox's defeat against Patti, the two comment on Patti's athletic ability, comparing her's to Maka's. Harvar comments that Patti may even surpass Maka. Ox the says that in cuteness though, Kim is superior. Harvar agrees. He is later seen to be a part of the new Shibusen elite unit Spartoi.

I'm Going to be an Angel

Harvar is outside, sitting atop some stairs, watching Tsubaki play with Pot of Fire, Pot of Thunder, and Angela. He expresses his angst by commenting on how he does not have any special training today, and so has too much free time and is bored.


Eruca, along with Kim, Risa and Arisa, use Arithmetic Magic: Magic Calculation to open a portal to the the Book of Eibon where Kid is being held prisoner. Harvar, who surprisingly has a smile on his face, emphasizes the fact that the collar around Eruca's neck will explode, should she make any suspicious moves. He is seen to monitor the progress of the Spartoi members in the Book of Eibon along with Ox.


In the Anime

When the plot of the anime diverges from the manga's after the battle on Lost Island, Harvar is seen watching Ox being berated by Kim for boasting about his debut in the battle, despite the fact that they had lost.

He is later seen in Weapon form with Ox, Kim, Jacqueline, Kirikou, Fire and Thunder as they invade Baba Yaga's Castle. They disguise themselves with Arachnophobia uniforms and successfully infiltrate the castle, where Azusa uses her Senrigan to find Asura in the castle. After this, they all escape on Jacqueline in Change "Pixie" form.

Harvar is later seen with his team mates talking with each other in a classroom in Shibusen.


  • Like Ox, he is named after a university; in this case, Harvard University. His last name is derived from the French word for lightning.
  • In his first appearance in the manga, Harvar has a bowl haircut. However, in later appearances, he is seen with a spiky ponytail.[2]
  • Before Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle, Harvar always refer to himself with the first-person masculine pronoun, boku (僕). However, after, he starts referring himself with the more masculine and informal pronoun, orē (俺) which may indicate a slight change in his personality, suggesting that he had become slightly less serious over time.


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