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Hao as he appears throughout Soul Eater NOT!
Name Hao
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Race/Species Human Soul Human
Type of Soul
Classification Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Meister2 Meister
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 DWMA
Place of Origin
Residence Death City
Team/Group None
Weapon Partner(s) Raid
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Rob Mungle (English)
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 1 (NOT!)
Anime Debut(s) Episode 1 (NOT!)
Game Debut(s)

Hao (昊,Hào) is one of the NOT students in the DWMA. He's the unofficial meister of Reid. He was Anya Hepburn and Tsugumi Harudori's first opponent, whom Anya defeated with graceful ease.


Initially, Hao is a rude person, candid with remarks he is willing to tell people directly. Whereas Raid is loud, Hao is quiet, using his size to intimidate others.

However, after his defeat to Anya Hepburn, Hao and Raid became more polite, as both smiled when encountering Anya during weapon-control NOT training, showing no ill will to her despite losing in their duel, as if appreciative of advice she gave after their fight regarding better dress and attitude in order to be better NOT students and combatants.


Main article: Hao/Relationships

Throughout Soul Eater NOT! Hao supports his weapon Raid in his endeavors. In the beginning of the manga and throughout the anime', Hao bolsters Raid's bullying of others, even threatening Tsugumi Harudori when she attempts to draw away Meme Tatane from Raid's attempts at flirting. After being humbled by his defeat against Anya Hepburn, however, Hao behaves more appropriately and focuses on helping Raid become a better weapon.


Hao is a tall, young man whose eyes are almost closed and posses thin eyebrows. In his first appearance, he had long, dark, and somewhat messy hair. He wore a blue suit, which under it was a white, button shirt and a brown tie.

After his defeat, and a lecture from Anya on better dress for better fighting, Hao followed her advice, as did Raid. Hao cut off his messier, longer hair, leaving a buzzcut. His hair was still dark, and he still tended to keep his eyes closed. In his most recent appearance in the manga, Hao no longer wears his business suit, instead wearing only his dress shirt (with the sleeves now rolled up), slacks, a belt, and shoes. His change in hair and attire also may be influenced by the summer heat.


Anya Tsugumi MW Usage

Hao uses Reid against Anya/Tsugumi.

Hao is somewhat skilled at using Raid in sword form, but he is easily defeated by the excellent, well-trained meister Anya Hepburn, who used Tsugumi Harudori's Weapon Form. As Maka Albarn and Soul Eater explained to them and their NOT classmates during weapons training, their Soul Resonance was not yet perfected to allow for Raid's complete transformation.[1]

Hao also is able to understand Raid's speech, even when his lower jaw is transformed into a weapon. This ability suggests Hao has spent sufficient time with Raid to understand his intonation, which surprised Anya Hepburn.

Soul Eater Not!

Starting School!

Raid, with Hao, appears as as the first antagonist for Tsugumi Harudori, whose duel allows her to demonstrate her courage. Raid also appears initially as comic relief, given his inability to transform completely into a weapon and his embarrassing defeat with Hao.

Raid was one of the new students of Shibusen and came along with Hao late to class. After finishing the day's lesson, their teacher Sid Barrett dismissed them and all other students. Sid also warned late students to the next class on time.

After leaving class, Hao asked Raid what kind of person he wanted for a partner. Raid replied that he would rather have a cute, female meister rather than spend time in the boys' dorm. Noticing Meme Tatane and assuming she was not bright, Raid attempted to flirt with her to become his meister. Tsugumi Harudori, eavesdropping on this conversation, was noticed by Hao, whose comments intimidated Tsugumi to run away in fear. However, when Meme did not accept Raid as her weapon Tsugumi returned and took Meme's hand to escape these bullies. Hao stopped the two NOT students, as Raid claimed the two boys were only looking for partners. Noticing this confrontation, Anya stood up for Tsugumi and Meme, openly insulting Hao and Reid to their faces.

Hao joins Raid's challenge against Anya to a duel, who accepts, asking Tsugumi to turn into a weapon. Raid turned into his weapon form, a sword, but he was unable to transform his head. While Tsugumi had difficulties transforming, inspiring words from Sid, who was observing the duel, and memories of Maka Albarn's encouraging words, allowed Tsugumi to finally transform into a halberd. Anya and Tsugumi swiftly defeat Hao and Raid, whose injuries prompt Clay Sizemore to find Medusa Gorgon at the infirmary.[2]

Before they are taken to the infirmary for medical treatment, Raid transformed back into his human form, with Anya standing above him and Hao. She demanded the two punks stand up, as she lectured the two that their failure was because they focus more on physical appearance than skills at combat: she demanded the two remove their jewelry and cut their hair so they could move more easily and see better in combat. When Raid commented that girls are interested in cool, flashy guys, Anya informs the two that girls prefer people who can face themselves, who can "be cool without acting." This information impresses Hao and Raid, who agree to follow "Anya-sama's" lesson.[3]

Anya then took Hao and Raid through the DWMA to observe EAT student Ox Ford, who studies and physical training are for the sake of someone he loves. When Hao and Raid then see Ox's work still fails to impress Kim, who thinks Ox's haircut makes him look creepy, the two students are shocked at Anya, who had told them earlier that girls care less about flashy appearances and more about substance. Anya responds, "Everything has its limits."[3]

Death Fest Arc

In the summer, Hao and Raid return to NOT classes at the DWMA. During Sid Barrett's class on weapon control, with Maka Albarn and Soul Eater in attendance, Hao is the first student called forward to demonstrate Raid's ability at fully transforming into a weapon. They are gently mocked by Anya Hepburn, who is curious to know whether the two have learned anything since their duel on the first day at classes. While Raid is able to transform more of his head than before, he cannot transform above his jaw. Maka and Soul explain that the two must improve their ability at Soul Resonance in order to improve their abilities.[4] Although their transformation was insufficient, Tsugumi Harudori is impressed with Hao and Raid's persistence to train more to improve their Soul Resonance, especially compared to how she remembers their prior behavior.[3]

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


  • The events of their first appearance in which Raid threw up blood while Hao had his pants ripped also happen in the very last episode of their appearance.


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